Three Interesting Photos

I haven’t taken metro in rush hours for a long time, so I was surprised to see the current metro volume in Shanghai.

People need to wait for a long time to go down the stairs – without moving at all.

P.S. here is another photo I took from my mobile in Starbucks in Xujiahui (Metro City Store). They just renovated.

P.S. 2: Another interesting photo. For my Xiamen trip, Yiyi gave me the boarding pass like this:

I did take some time to realize it is not a real one.

10 thoughts on “Three Interesting Photos

  1. I was in People’s Square Metro station in Februaru during rush hour around 5 pm. It was packed but not that bad. haha.. And the train serviced was quite good, and fast.

    Btw, any body from Beijing ? I’ll be there in June and I need some good advice on places to visit, and where should I start first. A good itenery is most welcome. I will be there for about 5 days, and 2 days in Tianjin.

    Pls email me. Thks.

  2. haha, the last one is so funny!

    to 福生: I am in Beijing, if it is the first time you come to Beijing, I think Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace even Olympics Green are good enough choices.

  3. KBGuy,

    if you the chance to to Tienanmen Square to see the soldiers raised the national flags. That will be interesting.

  4. Good thing you took a photo of that boarding pass… I don’t think anyone would believe that an airline employee actually drew a bar code. I hope they have better technology on their planes.

  5. Well. Don’t get me wrong. It is just a joke, not real boarding pass at all. Of cause there is no way for machine to understand the hand-written bar code.

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