Back from Xiamen (and Why OOB)

This is the last day of my four day trip in Xiamen. I was OOB in the last few days (since April 13, 2009). The four day trip was too intensive that I didn’t find time to sit down to update a blog – I hope I should have posted something like OOB before hand.

The special thing about this photo is, the islands in this picture is Jinmen, and it is under governence of Taiwan.

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang

Xiamen is an amazing city, and I especially love the Asia Gulf Hotel – the villa near the sea. It is very like the hotels in Sanya, but on the cost side, it is much cheaper. It is said a standard room is 400 RMB or something, and the best suite near the sea in the villa is 800 RMB – comparing to the hotels in Yalong Bay in Sanya, it is still reasonable.

Had a lot of fun in Xiamen.

  • Dinner beside sea is great. Especially when you have white tablecloth, and wine glasses.
  • Gulangyu Island is nice – just need to go there from late afternoon to night, not at day time – too many tourists, and too many people – the same observation from my trip to Tongli.
  • Xiamen is definitely a city that I should visit again and again and again – just like Sanya, and Qingdao. If there is no where to go, just pack and get a plane ticket to Xiamen
  • Offsite meeting is a great idea. Combine meeting and outing is a good idea.

11 thoughts on “Back from Xiamen (and Why OOB)

  1. Looks nice. Wish I could travel around more in China when I’m there, instead of spending all my time inside Starbucks, Wagas, and Element Fresh! Sigh…

    Keep blogging about your 国内 (domestic) travel…I find it interesting as a outsider!

  2. I love Xiamen. I visited in 2004 and 2005 and enjoyed teaching English at Jimei University and Hua Xia College. My essential Xiamen experiences: Nan Pu Tuo temple, playing basketball with students at Xia Da, buying tailored silk dresses for loved ones, crossing the harbor to Gulangyu Island, eating at the luxurious Pizza Hut on the 24th floor of a building overlooking the sea. If the Pizza Hut’s not enough American food, visit one of the more than 20 (each) KFCs or McDonald’s restaurants in the city, a special economic zone.


  3. The only time I was at the beach in China was on Putuoshan where the beach had open and close times and you had to pay a small entrance fee.

  4. why Jinmen is under governence of Taiwan? It is so close to China land… JS, mind to explain. Thanks.

  5. DC, this is an interesting question. You may check Wikipedia to get more information about the history. The short answer is, it was international from the mainland side – to keep a small island under control of Taiwan will keep the Taiwan strait open, instead of 100% separation.

  6. First, could u answer me what OOB means? Xiamen is the city where I have been looking forward to visiting. But I still didn’t have any chance to go there. This the holiday which is coming up, I will go to Hangzhou and Suzhou with my GF. I hope we can have a wonderful trip same as you got.

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