BossTown Record Tomorrow

Tomorrow, I am going to be an observer of BossTown, the popular business talk show hosted by YLFer, Yuan Ming. The guest of this show will be long time friend, Kai-Fu Lee, and another observer will be Jiang Chang Jian, from Fudan University (my idol when I was in middle school).

P.S. Recently, very tired, and want to defer longer post to the next few weeks. Maybe it is because of frequent travel, and tight daily schedule to meet with people. I sit much less before a computer screen than before.

P.S. 2. York created a photo like this:


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4 thoughts on “BossTown Record Tomorrow

  1. Wow! I love to watch BossTown, so don’t forget the tell us when the program will be shown on TV. Soooo… many my idols!

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