Another Drawing and Yifan

In Beijing, when I waited for a dinner to start, I brought out my notebook, and draw the following sketch. What is it?

I hope you can recognize the object from the embarrassingly bad drawing. It is the cover of a man-hole in Beijing.

Yifan and Camping

After the long and delayed Beijing trip, whole day of SJTU 113 Anniversary Gather on new Minhang Campus, and a full series of meeting on Sunday, I finally had the time to setup my camp on the same grand again (although I know most of my readers don’t think it is a camping, but for me, it is). Yifan loves it. Look!

It is a very big tent for Yifan. He can walk in and out without bowing.

Later, he found an extremely interesting thing to do – to put sand onto his father’s new 299 RMB shoes.

It IS very interesting that I ware the dirty shoes all day in my office, feeling that I do not belong to this space.

P.S. Wendy and I had slightly different opinions on Yifan’s behavior. Although we both agree that Yifan has the right to play sand, and we both agree that it is a little bit dirty for him to play the sand on the road, but I feel, it is not that dirty, and Wendy said, it is not acceptable… :-)

Facebook Friends

Long time ago, I have gave up Facebook. I know I am abusing Facebook, by accepting friends I don’t really know in real world. I know that, but today, I accepted another 76 new friend request. Oh. Before, I forget, I just had Matt Cohler. But it is one way street, and it is not easy to get back to the “normal way” to use Facebook with about 1000 friends.

9 thoughts on “Another Drawing and Yifan

  1. now i have a baby,he is only thirty days old,very cute.i want he can grow up sooner

  2. Beware of the Enterovirus 71 (i.e. HFMD which is widely spread in China) if you determine to let your love ones to touch the public pavement and lawn.

  3. Does little boy love to “play the sand “or “water” in common ?

    Maybe it has nothing to do with so-called dirty in their eyes!

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