Google AdSense for Feed

Google started to provide AdSense for Feed, and I am doing some experiment to have the small image in my feed. Since, and is blocked in China, it is not easy to directly use it, so I setup a little proxy for people to check out the Google feed. Give me some feedback about how it works. Things I am particular interested is:

  • Is the ad in the feed annoying
  • Is there better location (there are options to put it to the top of bottom
  • Should I keep it?

I will also evaluate about whether to keep it or not in the next week. If there is not too much impression, and click, or any revenue, I would rather keep a clean feed.

1 thought on “Google AdSense for Feed

  1. I can see the ad image at the top of each article(actually the articles since Aug 15th,2008 ) of your web page in my google reader, and I don’t think it’s annoying, it’s okay at the top. Go head to keep it!

    Thanks for sharing this new thing about google reader. I read this webpage, which makes me know more about Adsense For Feed.

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