A New Financial Street in Lujiazui

The other day, I took a photo of the Lujiazui area – a new financial street – Yincheng Middle Road start to form, and as you can see, the headquarters of banks have already lined up.



Comparing with the photo I took in Hangzhou near West Lake last weekend, what a contrast!



6 thoughts on “A New Financial Street in Lujiazui

  1. Awesome, that is my China. While Shanghai has her magnificence, Hangzhou has her beauty as well. Hangzhou is a quite and an extremely friendly city. I love Hangzhou. There are just way too many high rises around the west lake area.

  2. Is it just me? In the last two pictures, there may be beauty, but the most I see is polluted hazy air. Am I being too picky?

  3. If somebody let me choose one which I want to stay\ work \live from shanghai and hangzhou ,I will choose shanghai – the modern city ! The city gives us more surprise ……

  4. When I first visited hangzhou this year, I really impressed by its picturesque sights. Every scenery has its beatiful legend. Maybe just because of this, the atmosphere of the whole city is quite different from what in shanghai.

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