Being on TV is Nothing

Being on TV for two days, and I suddenly lost interest in mass media.

In my family, nothing happened.

I went to an appointment, and completely forgot about the TV show, and of cause, missed it;

Wendy went to her company activity, and didn’t go back home for dinner – missed it;

My in-laws don’t understand the English program, and switched to another channel for TV drama on Monday;

Yifan is only interested in toys, and never paid any attention to his father on TV, and will never remember that.

Nothing changes after being on TV. In fact, nothing changes, absolutely nothing.

15 thoughts on “Being on TV is Nothing

  1. ye, I like it , yesterday nigh,i opent tv , I see you on the TV show , I like this programm,haha .

    you are best you fans odey.

  2. oh interesting for somepeople being on tv is really a memorable experience. as well as me.

    (ps: everytime i come here to leave my comment here.the button below remember info seems never has worked. is this just for me?or anybody ?

  3. I know you and your blog from this show.Thanks for the chance.

    Hope it’s also give you hapy experiences.

  4. Though your family did,nt watch your TV show ,you still have lots of fans who love reading your articles , wathing your TV show …….. ha ha , I am your faithful fan !

  5. @Jian Shuo… what?? No papparazzi trying to take pictures with telephoto lenses through your bathroom windows?? :D

  6. Jian Shuo, can you tell us where we can see the show online? We don’t get International Channel Shanghai over here in Palo Alto. It would be nice to get it on YouTube or some other place online. Who can we bother to get the DVD or VCD and put it on the Web? Email me and I’d be happy to follow up with ICS directly!

  7. hello jianshuo wang

    I saw u in tv, and it’s my opportunity to know u and your blog website.So i browse your website everyday from March.20,2008.

    I think it’s not too late to know u.

    Meanwhile ,i think there are many persons like me know u by tv and pay attention on your blog from now on .

    So being on tv is a significative things to you.

  8. Hey, there must be something different, at least u’ve got one more visitor^ ^ (Never underestimate any little change in the huge internet world~)

    BTW, I like kijiji. Thx to it I got one of my intern job via it 2 years ago. It’s good to see ya on the TV.

  9. yesterday i saw you on Channel Young TV -today impression programme, now know your blog, thanks. i’m very insterested in reading your articles.

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