Welcome ICS Readers

When I am writing my blog, the talk show I particiated in ICS is on air. If you watched the live TV show and log onto my blog, welcome! (Here is behind the scene photos of the talk show.)

If you read this entry before watching TV, and it is 7:30 – 8:00 PM on March 17, 2008, tune in Oriental TV ICS now.

If you have missed the live show, tune in from 12:30 to 13:00 every day this week for replay, or tune in tomorrow at 7:30 – 8:00 PM, and everyday. I missed one day during the show, since I went to Pudong and got back within 1 hour. Thanks for all the other hosts to wait for me for the last two parts.

What Does it Mean to be on TV?

The first time I appeared on TV was back in 2001, when I attended a Media Conference by Microsoft as an employee. It was on CCTV4, and I saw myself of less than 2 seconds. I was pretty excited at that time. After that, I appeared on TV from time to time, and the excitement just disappeared as time went by.


I took a photo of the screen:

Then Yifan came, and was obviously more interested in his toys, than the familiar person on the screen:

13 thoughts on “Welcome ICS Readers

  1. missed the first airing, but will definitely tune in over the week. We’ll probably show the episode on the ChinaOnTV.com website too in the Chinese culture videos section or Live section. Will keep you posted!

  2. I saw you on ICS last night, Jianshuo looks like so cute! LOL!


    I don’t like that young lady together with you 2 guys on the show, beacuse of her main points- blog’s business purpose or sth similar.

  3. Hi, Jianshuo, I also watched the whole first episode of the talk show last night, it was great seeing you on TV after sticking around here reading your posts everyday. I have to admit it’s still quite different than I had imagined, I mean from what I had understood about you from your articles, although I have seen many of your photos, seeing you talk on TV is another clip of image. Now I guess you should be ready for another wave of new readers, with both criticism and compliments, since TV show would on one hand bring you a lot of faithful fans but on the other hand, it could also jeopardise your situation.

    BTW, I’m sure you haven’t put yourself pretty clear about whether or not we should put experiences on blog(well, you said don’t put how you’ve been through sth, but just give readers an idea of what’s the outcoming), there’re very few points that I disagree with you, but this is one of them. But I’m sure you didn’t mean to say that, did you?

    Anyway, it was wonderful for me to tell people around one of my favorite bloggers appears on TV and nice watching the show. Hope I can still make it to watch the next few episodes in this week.

  4. I wish we had ICS here in Singapore – so interested in Jian Shuo’s appearance on TV!!

    Maybe we need to ask for autographs now – you are more famous than ever before!!

    What were the lady’s discussion points that Jerry is talking about? Did you manage to keep control of the interview?

  5. argh… ICS seems to have been removed from my digital cable lineup in Nanjing and replaced by a Chinese Language channel from Shanghai (at least i assume so as the logo is nearly the same, just no “ICS” by it now). I guess there’s not enough foreigners or English speakers interested in ICS in Nanjing… was a nice channel while it lasted :)

  6. Yesterday I watched the TV show , I know u . Today when I get to the office , the first thing I do is to kook for your blog in baidu . I am very hapyy I find it !

  7. I saw you just on TV and then searched your blog right now,hehe, as I’d like to know you more

  8. Hi guys,

    I’m sorry that I missed it last night coz finished work late, I feel so regret!! Is there any replay during this week?

    I wanna catch the last chance!

    C x.

  9. Hi,Jianshuo,I think I am the one of another wave of new readers said by Caroinlamma. I saw you on the TV show this morning. I appreciate on what your are doing and the spirit you show to us. It acutated me to seach your blog especially when I learnt you insitite on writing your blog in English from 2002. Actually, it was the first time I viewed other person’s blog and I can’t believe I even post a comment for that.

    I just moved to SH to begin my new life, so I like to read your articles of the blog either. BTW, I am not a foreigner :) Not only I got some useful info from your blog, but also I can learn pure English from the article and other reader’s comments. I think it is killing two birds with one stone for me, isn’t it?

    I will keep on watching your TV show this evening!

  10. @caroinlamma, I meant not just record what is happening – just like a grocery list, try to explain why it is important, and how it can help the readers. This should be a more complete view of what I said.

    @ZL, interestingly, the ICS channel comes from STV (Shanghai TV Station), and leveraged the current Oriental TV, and now someone seems to use this channel in Nanjing.

    @Joanna, welcome to Shanghai!

  11. I know jianshuo from this TV show that night.

    I start to look your blog from that time.I am learning english through looking your blog now.

    The article your writting is attractive.

    Tks for your help.

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