Setup a Blog like This?

Many people asked me how to setup the similiar blog like this under their own domain and asked for price to setup a blog, and asked how much effort it needs.

My most frequent answer was, go to and setup a blog there. Then setup the blog to publish your own domain via FTP. Just share your FTP user name and password with blogger, and then it is under your own domain.

This way, you don’t need to pay any maintaince effort to your blog, and your blog is up and running, and under your domain.

Here are my 17 tips about blogging.

2 thoughts on “Setup a Blog like This?

  1. wonder if anyone else is having problems. I tried to start a blog at both and

    after signing up, i can’t seem to be able to view my blog. not a good sign?

  2. Blogger and WordPress (and many other hosted blog sites) are blocked by the great firewall, meaning that if you’re in China, you can’t see them.

    There are ways to get around this, but in order not to bring trouble to WJS I won’t go into detail. Google around a bit.

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