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I didn’t read too much recently (I mean on website). The abundance of information turned Internet from a book into a endless maze. I often follow a link just like a cat chasing the wool ball, and forget where I was, and even where I am going. I don’t like this kind of reading experience. Reading is turned into glancing, and my limited attention was evenly distributed to 20 sites and 200 articles (article titles to be more exactly), so I almost read nothing.

Well. Recently, I did spend some time to read some high quality blog, and got some interesting articles, like this:

Mark Suster’s experience with Venture Capital (via Feld’s blog).

How interesting. People often think they have the privilege to be superior to others – as a manager? as an interview? or simply as a customer? They show completely different attitude to different people. Maybe this is called civilization. Interesting post, and I like Mark’s description that turned the experience into a vivid blog post.

This is also via Feld’s blog:

Deal Size

What is particularly interesting for me is,

Brad and I have been doing early stage investing since the late 80s (me) and early 90s (Brad).

This may be a standard opening sentence of many articles in U.S, but investing from 80s is amazing for me. What does China look like in early 80s? The change with name “Reform and Opening Up” just happens, and people just enjoy to have the right to “make money” – I mean more money than the country wide same-salary approach. If you see how big the change is, you can see how much the opportunity is. It is not easy to compete with someone who have accumulate professional skills for 20 years. However, in China, in many fields, it is blank market with no strong professional. So there are huge opportunities. That is what I see this market.

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  1. Something similar: when my wife and I took our wedding photos, or when we took her family to take a family portrait, all of the photographers are 20-something years old! I know never to expect an older person doing the photography at those studios so I always just cringe and prepare for the worst.

  2. So do I!

    Something like you have. When I am along wherever, I always think the memory that had a good time before or take a long time in the Internet.Nothing to do, just take time to go quickly.

    I live in a high building and don’t marry. I like along, but am afraid of loneliness.

    My friends often say: you are a loney man.

    But a single life has it’s good thing, isn’t it?

  3. Any chance we can email each other directly? I have a question about English education in China. Thanks!

  4. To know about china recent history (from beginning of 1920’s to the end of 1970’s):

    “Wild swans” written by Jung Chang.

  5. Shanghai’s major stock index dropped 8.8% today. Predicted by my comments two weeks ago.

    The stock market isn’t a casino. Play the wrong game and you will lose.

  6. I too find that the Internet changes the way I read, often making it more beneficial to glance and scan, because of the large amount of available material, rather than to contemplate deeply, in most cases, although there can be excecptions. I find that the difference is made by whether the article is well written and on a subject I’m really interested in. If it’s a subject I don’t actually care about very much, I tend to skip it as soon as I lose interest, and if any article is not carefully written, then I’m also more likely not to take it seriously and go on to something else. But if the writer manages his subject well, and the topic is important to me, then I can get as deeply involved as in any other type of reading. To me, it seems to be more a matter of scanning and finding, rather than a matter of frantic reading.

  7. It is March 3rd in China, 8 days since your last blog post. We demand new postings.

  8. Hi, I will be travelling to Suzhou from 10-21 Mar soon. May I know what is the best way to travel from Pudong Airport to Suzhou?

    Also, will it be very cold? Can I still wear open toe sandals, or I can only wear covered shoes and boots?

    Thank you!

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