I Have a BIG Hosting Account

Look at this:

public_html/home 6142.90 Meg

public_html/translate 861.92 Meg

public_html/user 126.04 Meg

tmp/webalizer 83.62 Meg

tmp/awstats 77.74 Meg

tmp/cpu_exceeded_logs 12.39 Meg

tmp/mysql_slow_queries 2.64 Meg

It seems I need to spend some time to kill some of these files to make sure the system is not over-sized. Although I have 200G of disk space, but that does not mean I always have 200G disk space on local computer to keep the backup, and not to mention the bandwidth and time to wait to download.

Then by a closer look, I found this:

public_html/user/mt-user/error_log 126.01 Meg

Well. It is a single file, and it is 126M in size. Not good.

Then I found out this:

public_html/home/axs/log-backup.txt 398.03 Meg

public_html/home/axs/log.txt 307.42 Meg

There are two log files, and their sizes are 398M, and 307M. Not good. I will kill them.

After killing these three files, I already saved almost 1G of data. So, how important to periodically check the sites, and make sure there is no hidden problems.

It is the same for a business or personal life.

Translate folder is also a big folder, but I only need to backup one file in it. The other 750M is useless.

The whole BBS is nothing. It is just some program files. There is only one folder that need to be really taken careful. That is my_templates

Cookbook is nothing. I shouldn’t start some test project on this important server. Since it is there, let it be..

There is another domain called new.wangjianshuo.com. I don’t know when I created, but I don’t think there is nothing in it. It caused backup problem. So delete it.

After checking the top level domain, the only folder that really matters is public_html. So in the future, I will only focus on back up this folder.

1 thought on “I Have a BIG Hosting Account

  1. My account at bighosting was canceled after I’ve uploaded 2 GB data. But they collected my prepaiment for 1 year. The account was usable for 20 days. All my money is lost. So it is not like their description “everything unlimited” – bighosting is a fraud.

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