Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I am not a person who enjoy too much of a western holiday. However, Shanghai is moving fast to embrace any holiday possible, from Christmas, to Women’s day.

Today, the Xujiahui area is full of a special atmosphere – the smell of love? It is even more crowded and busy, and it seems every girl (OK. Not every, but many) has a handful of roses on the street.

So, happy Valentine’s Day!

7 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Valentines’ day is not even considered a holiday in the west. Only Chinese are most serious for this day, more than any other country.

  2. 今年最流行的一句话

    1. 骑白马的不一定是王子,他可能是唐僧。

    2. 带翅膀的也不一定是天使,他可能是鸟人。

    3. 站的更高,尿的更远。

    4. 穿别人的鞋,走自己的路,让他们找去。

    5. 我不是随便的人。我随便起来不是人。

    6. 女人无所谓正派,正派是因为受到的引诱不够;


    7. 聪明的女人对付男人,而笨女人对付女人。

    8. 走自己的路,让别人打车去。

    9. 水至清则无鱼,人至贱则无敌!

    10. 一大学生最低奋斗目标:农妇,山泉,有点田。

  3. jqian: I’m not so sure. Valentine’s is pretty important in Australia/US, unless you’re single of course. Forgetting to get the right present in time is a relationship-limiting move.

  4. hmmm, jqian t I am not sure about “Only Chinese are most serious for this day…”

    As it over here in London, there are plenty of men and women go out celebrate on the day dinning together; people send and recieve Valentine cards; women recieves roses and curdley toys.

    It’s got nothing to do with serious or not serious.

    It is more of commercial-induced blindness of people. Let’s face it is just another excuse for companies to attempt to get you to buy large quantities of overpriced, badly made and tacky goods.

    Then let us pray to Saint Valentine that he get us pardon of our sins. Amen. :)

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