Motel 168 Going Public?

After dinner, and open TV, I noticed a piece of news on China Business Network (CBN) channel:

Motel 168 is going public this third quarter, aiming to raise 100 million USD. Morgan Stanley will be the underwriter.

I also find a piece of news here.

Home Inn (HMIN) was just listed, and I believe Motel 168 is a good hotel. I remember one of the first Motel 168 Hotels was opened near my home, and I visited it immediately. It is a good hotel, with more modern design than Home Inn, and the color design is more lovely.

You can see from the pictures I took three years ago. Interesting news. Going NASDAQ seems to be destinaty of any “promising” company, while they all avoid Shanghai Stock Exchange or Shenzhen’s.

Disclaimer: Don’t treat it as an investment advice.

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