My Top 5 Favorite Streets for Walk

Along with my favorite road, I have the Google Map Satellite Image with you. If you want to see clearly where it is, you can click the “-” minus button to zoom out.

No 1: Xinhua Road 新华路, Xuhui District

Xinhua Road is always quite, and peaceful. There is almost no business along the road, and the tree forms a deep and green tunnel. It is splendid especially in springs.

No. 2: Huashan Road 华山路

No. 3: 复兴西路

No. 4: Kangping Road 康平路

Kang Ping Road does not seem to a road in a big city. It is more like a village, with few traffic. Actually, it is the heart of the area.

No. 5: Yong Jia Road 永嘉路

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