Common Sense

We had wonderful night with Mr. and Mrs. Huang. During the dinner, we talked a lot about “common senses” and “behaviors”.

  • Everyone has different common senses.
  • Common senses determines why you are who you are, and why I am who I am.
  • If you don’t change the behavior, chances are, the results are the same.
  • We often do something that does not make sense according to common sense. So common sense is not common.
  • Common sense sometimes does not make sense

Free Wireless in Coffee Beanery

Coffee Beanary at Biyun Road offers free wireless connections. The other favorite wireless place is Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at 666 Fuzhou Road, Shanghai (at Yunnan Road) in People’s Square. Starbucks doesn’t offer free wi-fi.

Korean Singer “Rain”

Rain is featured in People in CCTV10. I have no sense for music, and don’t have any favorite singer, but this program caught my attention. Rain’s dream is to connect people in Asia, and form a new generation of Asia singers, and bring Asia singers to the next level, and lead the trends of the world. I would say, Rain is a person with vision. I appreciate visionary people.

21 thoughts on “Common Sense

  1. here is a story of no common sense and decency involving a husband divorcing his paralyzed wife. she was paralyzed in a bus accident on their honeymoon last year.

    The Husband also reportedly stole the donations for his wife’s medical treatment..nice guy

    Man wants to divorce paralyzed wife

    Winny Wang


    A WOMAN, who was paralyzed in a traffic accident on her honeymoon several months ago, is suffering more now because her husband wants to divorce her, Oriental Morning Post reported today.

    The couple flew to Lijiang, southwestern China’s Yunnan Province, to enjoy their honeymoon on May 2005, but their trip was halted when they were involved in a traffic accident on the way to Yulong Snow Mountain.

    The wife received medical treatment but was paralyzed from the accident. At that time her husband said he would take care of her for the rest of her life.

    But the husband brought up divorce proceedings to a local court recently, saying that the two families had contradictions during their marriage, and their love was not as deep as before.

    “We lived in her parent’s home and I tried my best to take care of her, but they always abused me, even in public places and at my company. I had to quit my job,” the husband said in his petition.

    But the woman’s father said that he seldom stayed at home, by excuses that he worked overtime or on business trips. The wife also found out that he was flirting with other women according to his chatting record on their computer.

    The woman’s family said they paid 160,000 yuan (US$20,000) for her medical treatment and her husband kept 110,000 yuan that was donated by companies and friends. But the husband said he spent all the money on her treatment, as well as his own salary of 40,000 yuan.

    When the judge asked the husband whether they could compromise, he insisted on divorcing and the wife rejected the notion.

    The judge gave the man 10 days reconsider.

    Chinese story link

  2. solopolo

    I can’t leave just yet because I must finish my book about these very interesting people and their culture.

  3. i also watched the People in CCTV10 last night. i was deeply touched by Rain by his talent, more exactly ,by his hard-working and a dream to lead the Asian cultural to the world mainstream.

    i am a young at the age of 23 while i am at a loss what i should do to enrich my life. i gained the power from him and i hope i will be a person with vision.

  4. What is BiYun Road in Chinese, I think it mustn’t be “keeping from pregnancy”

  5. Exactly right. Your common sense is different from mine. When you are frustrated and yell to me: “Why can’t you see my point? Don’t you have common sense?”. Yes, I do, but unfortunately my common sense is different from you. Therefore, I still may not agree with you. My point is, a lot of people look at the world base on their own “common” sense, thinking their “common” sense is really common to everyone. Wrong!

  6. Different person has different common sense. If someone deems his common sense as popular truth, then

    disunderstanding happens.

  7. for me common sense is a sense you share with someone that you have something in common with. if you dont have something in common with someone, then chances are you have a different sense of accepting what is ‘common’. interesting article mr wang :)

    oh by the way if you can watch channel [v] from Shanghai, rain is listed #6 on their top 10 Asia’s biggest bands.

  8. error noted,

    “© 2002 – 2003 Jian Shuo Wang. All right reserved. ”

    see it? just a remind

  9. korea have many popular movie.

    bae yong jun is good actor in the “winter sonata”.

    I like korean movie.


  10. the free WI FI service is offered in different point along the Byun lu and Xin Jin Qiao Lu, also the new flying fox is offering it.

    question, what cause, scatter this strong like of Korean singer, movies, telenovelas, etc, there is some kind of idolatry, dream behind it ? what is the attraction point ?

    i mean when we kids in Europe, we were dreaming America, so singer, movies, and all their status symbols where become our likes.. as Koreans movies, stars, become for Chinese, now, anyone has tried to analyze it ?

  11. Common sense sometimes does not make sense.

    sometimes it may cause mistakes.

    I admire Rain for his hard-working.

  12. There do have common sense in chinese officals and national companiese.A book named

    sub rules writing by Wusi is about this .Unfortuntely,I ‘m in such a company now.

  13. rain sucks really bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jay chow could beat his ass so much man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    rain the oser jaychow the winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. rain is so ugly man whoever thinks he good lookin needs glasses man

    jaychow is so hot better han him foever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. rain sucks like hell

    first reason:he’s stupid,retarded,nothot,wierd,and more.

    i don’t hate him but after he compete with jay he’s not cool anymore, by the way he’s a show off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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