Lion King Comes to Shanghai

Passed the Grand Theatre tonight. All lights went on. The Disney broadway musical the Lion King went on show tonight. July 18 is the first day of the continuous 100 shows in Shanghai.

The Lion King is the best Broadway show I saw. I am not saying it is better than the Phantom of Opera, it is just easier to understand for me (the story is well-know), and more colorful. I enjoyed the show in my last trip to Seattle. Highly recommend!

9 thoughts on “Lion King Comes to Shanghai

  1. Hmm I never been to the Lion King… or even worse, I never even been to a musical… I did see some theather shows and other stage performances (like one from the Shaolin Munks for example, pretty cool stuff they do there hehe) but never a musical. I am not that fond of too much singing inside a show but now I am wondering, is it only singing or is it less?

    And Jian Shuo, are you going? If you are, don’t forget to tell us how it was ;)

  2. I saw The Lion King several years ago at the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles. Really a great performance and highly recommended. It’s much more than singing – a complete theatrical performance with great sets, costumes, music, etc.

  3. Jianshuo,

    By Pasted, do you mean Passed by….?

    Is it true that the Lion King being played in Shanghai will be the English version?

  4. I have not received your blog the last week. Please add mee back on to your mailing list if I havebeen removed for some reason as I do visit Shanghai often and enjoy your writings

    Lee Rosenberg

  5. WHAT? $300 to go to the Lion King, who can afford the ticket? What kind of income is Chinese people bringing home now? Is $50 for us to go see the show, is a big ticket event for most people to be able to afford.

  6. Their basic price (most tickets) are 100 RMB, which is 12.5 USD. The highest price is 2800 USD, just few, and those who want to buy can buy it.

  7. Do you enjoy musicals, or do you enjoy listening to someone talk to their friend when you are at the musical? That is the question most foreigners have to deal with then going to a musical in China.

    It’s better and cheaper if you fly to NYC to watch the Lion King. Really good seats at TKTS can be had for less than 100USD.

    I would rather fly to NYC to watch this show than pay an average of 1000RMB to watch it in Shanghai.

  8. Glad to see The Lion King made it all the way to Shanghai. Thanks from Lion King Tickets London for this post.

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