Movable Type via CDMA

Nice talk with Jia and Victor at night. It is late already. I’m now on a Dazhong taxi back home, passing by the Nanpu Bridge. The whole lighting system for the city was turned off already, so it is a little bit dark now.

I brought my laptop and connected to the Internet via China Unicom CDMA. (To get it, you have to purchase the card and subscribe their service.)

I don’t want to open computer and write an entry today. The car is moving and I am typing. So I call this entry:

Movable Type via CDMA. Have good night!

8 thoughts on “Movable Type via CDMA

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    i adopted wordpress ‘s hosting service to blog. but after the spring festiveal, i cannot get access to my blog. after search by google, i got to know that is was blocked by GFW. so, i am forced to change another website to hosting my blog.

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  2. can you explained more specific? you said i can found the data on the HOSTING category of the

  3. i am also a user of the china unicom cdma wireless access. it is excellent you can access the internet from anywhere in china where there is china unicom cdma signal at no roaming cost! so if you are a traveller in china with one of this you can check your email write home blog from anywhere train bus park beach etc at anytime! for me, i picked one up for another reason. i am at a temporary address and it is more cost effective than having broadband installed. but it is slow at 230 kbps. one major drawback bcos of the slow speed voice transmission like on skype etc can be very choppy. hey you can’t have everything!

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