Meetup: Future Idea Foundry

I am at the Future Idea Foundry at the Starbucks of Zhong Shan Park Station of Metro Line #2.

– Sunny Sunday.

– Starting from 10:00 AM.

– Futurists gather to share ideas in Shanghai on regular bases.

– Participants are limited under 7.


  • Isaac Mao
  • Michael Li
  • Zheng Xiaoyun
  • Jack Gu
  • Jian Shuo
  • Sun Yizhong
  • Bruce Wang
  • Sayonly


    3D Engine from – based on Firefox engine.

    # it is can be a very interesting idea to install an extension to Firefox to revert the homepage of and display it in a completely new way.

    On watching TV on Mobile phone – Early Adopting Geeks

    People get excited about the posibility of watching TV on mobile, but people will only enjoy watching TV when the screen is big enough, the speed is fast enough and fee is cheap enough. This is called Enjoy Doing or Being Able to Do.

    Mobile Internet – UA profile

    The current mobile instructure only allow mobile to connect to China Mobile or China Unicom gateway, and China Mobile has removed User-Agent header from the request. The result is, no SP (Service Provider) is aware of which equipment the user is using, wheather they accept WML or WAP… It is the starting point of a closed mobile internet in China. The workaround for it is to use client software to send the information back to server in other header, or directly embed it into the URL request.

    Links: Opera Mini, UCWeb, Opera Mini for Nokia 6670

    I just installed Opera Mini, but it does not work now. So I need to configure a little bit later. ERROR: You do not have a working network connection. Please visit with your desktop browser for instructios (error: 3.0.10:80)

    FON The funniest thing is, they have two types of people: selfish type and un-selfish time. The selfish type is called Microsoftie in their community. Oh my God!

    Mobile Social Network – Dodgeball

    Location based services – location based classified that allow users to post their location via SMS (check-in), and their friends/friends and friends are nearby. They were just bought by Google.

    Links: Dodgeball, Netomat.

    Social Filtering

    Editor filtering v.s. Social Filtering.


    1. User contribution

    2. Web 2.0 aim to kill middle man

    Middleman is killed, but the functions of middleman must be provided, but in a social way.

    Slashdot is a great social filtering example.

    Pandora – vertical industry search is more valuable

    Pandora – “Can you help me discover more music that I’ll like?”

    They created a engine to continously provide music and based on your own continous feedbacks, combined with other’s feedback.

    For example, Google is more focused on horizontal search, while industry based vertical search, such as source code search.

    Chinese Vertical = book review.

    Book review =

    Movie = = Movie

    More links

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    Complex system -> Preferencial selection.

  • 8 thoughts on “Meetup: Future Idea Foundry

    1. Hi, jianshuo,

      First I want to say something on mobile internet and also try to solve you opera mini “problem”.

      Basicly, in china mobile(CMCC) network,[I am not familar about CU network] there are 3 APN for gprs connection, 1.CMWAP 2. CMMMS 3. CMNET. 1and 2 actually totally same, due to promot MMS heave ,so special name is given. 3 is trut internet connection. Now CMCC want to control CMWAP traffic, but they do nothing on CMNET connection. You can visit everywhere,except GW on your traffic path.

      your opera mini problem should be CMWAP APN is selected in your connect request. But actually, when you select CMNET, then everything should be ok. BTW, you should pay attention on fee. CMNET traffic should not be counted as your package volume.I am not sure about it.

      such kind meeting is interesting. I am interested in mobile internet topic. Does it possible in future enjoy you to meet together?

    2. telefan, thanks for your suggestion. I guess it was the answer. The note was created during the discussion, so I didn’t spend time to troubleshoot. There are many activies like this in Shanghai. At least I know meetup is coming on March 24, 2006.

      Mao, it was very nice. As what you also suggested, I don’t except the meetup to be too often than once half an year, since meme should be accumulated long enough for people to have the feeling for this kind of gather.

    3. I don’t think Pandora makes much sense. On Pandora I cannot get the song I searched, but the similar ones … First, as an end user, I don’t care what license you got, I just want my favorite songs. Since Pandora is a so called vertical search engine, it should give me the results I want. Second, letting a machine recommend songs to a human, if is not a joke. is at least premature in terms of the existing AI technology.

      This is my 2 cents.

    4. i got the same problem during surfing via the fresh released Opera mini,

      mini couldn’t get to work with cmwap,and cmnet can do the right job.

      it could be the problem of mini itself,since with cmwap,the Opera browser 8.0 for mobile can

      touch the internet world elegantly.

    5. I won’t call Pandora a vertical search engine, otherwise they couldn’t scoop the $12mil funding.

      They are more like a music platform that help independent musicans sell their music, an Itune will some intelligence. They help you to discover songs you may like (based on songs you already like) and then to purchase. They have 30 somthing full time well-trained musicians to tag or categorize all the songs, or “finding the DNA of songs” according to themselves. This business is lucrative!

    6. Hi Jianshuo,

      Can’t remember since when, but now I’ve become a frequent visitor of your site to get updates on what’s happening in China and what’s hot in the Internet biz. I feel so proud that we have you such a passionate blogger in China. Really, I mean it. Your English blog is definitely a window for foreigners to see the new China and to see the enormous emerging biz opportunities. While I appreciate most for your Chinese blog, as it has sparkled me many new ideas.

      After I read your meeting minutes, I’ve just got a comment on it. It’s great to have some veterans meet regularly and discuss the latest hot topics and the trend, and it’s even greater to share the discussion. But as you posted it publicly, I guess you expect to get feedbacks and hopefully some new ideas from your broad Internet audience. So, why not write it in Chinese? Don’t you think this English page will stop a number of readers from contributing their thoughts, simply because of the language? In my opinion, language should be a tool to help people communicate more easily and efficiently, not to complicate it. So, if your target audience are Chinese, please write it in Chinese. Let’s make it a great technical/biz forum, instead of yet another English corner. Just a thought and trying to be straightforward, no offense. I really look forward to seeing more thoughtful and constructive comments from others.

      Best wishes to you and your kijiji as well.


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