Hit by Caribe.sis Virus via Bluetooth

So exciting. One week after I switched to Symbian phone Nokia 6670, I was hit by a virus distributed via bluetooth.

Yesterady, when I had coffee at Starbucks, my phone ringed and displayed “die*_*lucky is sending you a file via bluetooth”. I accepted, and it promoted me to install an application. I realized something wrong happened. So I interrupted the installation and turn to Google for the name of the application:


Cabir replicates over bluetooth connections and arrives to phone messaging inbox as caribe.sis file what contains the worm. When user clicks the caribe.sis and chooses to install the Caribe.sis file the worm activates and starts looking for new devices to infect over bluetooth.

So Interneting Physical Replicated Virus

This is very intersting – I know someone around me – within 10 meters – carried a phone that was infected by the virus. How fun…

Friends Nearby?

I got very excited. Not the virus, but the fact that someone very similiar with me are within 10 meters away from me:

  • We use the same Symbian Nokia Series 6 phone.
  • We all enabled Bluetooth
  • We are in the same city, same district, and in the same Starbucks Cofee. There are just less than 50 people there.

If I were not in a business conversation, I would be really interested to stand up and look for the virus spreader… I thought of the application of Jambo.net by Jim and Charles. They install the application on laptop and detect other people with Jambo nearby via Wifi. It is the concept of Internet technology in a very specific area.

P.S. Shang Jin sent me this. Pure geek happiness again.

34 thoughts on “Hit by Caribe.sis Virus via Bluetooth

  1. fun story

    I think I should swiched off bluetooth of my phone

    I like your blog especially your nice photos!:)

  2. Yeah, I never have bluetooth on unless I am sync’ing with my laptop. Also, I always keep my bluetooth “Visible” setting to “No”.

    Sounds like the virus had no effect except to spread itself?


  3. I have not seen any unusual application of my bluetooth function, I want to know what will happen after the virus is stalled. Haha, just a joke.

  4. You actually installed an unknown application sent by a stranger called “Die Lucky”?

    Mr. Wang, didn’t your mother teach you basic safe computing when you were a little nanhaizi? :-)

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  6. Shanghai slim says: Mr. Wang, didn’t your mother teach you basic safe computing when you were a little nanhaizi? :-)

    Have all your computing stuff taught by your mother? or shall I say does your mother know what motherboard mean?

  7. Wow..hope you were able to get rid of the virus. Interesting…makes you wonder what else you may have in common with people around you that you don’t know about. Like maybe you have a common friend or the same birthday etc :=) Interesting blog..thanks for sharing.

  8. I’m from Malaysia and I was hit by this virus as soon as I activate bluetooth from my new Nokia 6670. This virus caused inconvinience everytime I switch on my mobile. Did you know how to get rid of it yet? Please do help if you know. Thank you!

  9. is there already some help against the bleutooth virus ?? a received it yesterday in a club in belgium, smart as i am… i installed it. i have tryed to remove it with “f- cabir.sis” buth it didn’t work ! any ideas or sollutions ?? question: can it infect my computer by my bluetooth connection

  10. I live in the Portsmouth, United Kingdom , I was at work today afternoon, while I came out on tea break, I saw I have received 15 msgs thourgh Blue Tooth from some one in the name of Caribe.sis asking me to install caribe.sis so I selected Yes. but after that upto now mid night I am trying to make a call through my mobile Nokia 6680, I am having difficultiy to make a call. It means that now Mobile Phones are as well affested by viruses. so we must not use Blue Tooth devices. every time.

    Now What should I do to make useable my mobile phone again.

  11. Hello everyone…. if you would like to get rid of this virus, it is quite simple, but you will have to understand you will loose all your contacts(so write them down) and all your pictures, Just like you would put a number in, put *#7370# This code will reset your phone to the way it came when you first took it out of the box (clean)This phone only works on Series 6 phones

  12. hi, i am making a project on anti virus for smartphones and i am in need for cabir.sis as it is a part of the project. so can u please forward the cabir.sis virus file to my mail id sachin_sgala@rediffmail.com please i am in need of it and fast.

  13. Yeah right sachin. I bet u really do need it for “a project” my arse u do.

    Can anyone see that pig flying high with sachin tatooed on its pink but..

    P.s. For being so stupid in asking for a virus I am going to tell everyone I know to spam the heck out of your email ad, so dont be suprised to wake up tommorow with 5 million emails to sif through.



  15. when i switch on my hp the screen will display a caribe sign…did any1 of u know how 2 delete from the screen…plz help me..

  16. want any mobile software free of cost i m hardware and networking engg. i m a hacker

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  18. My cell got swicthed off when i installed a software.And its not starting again.

  19. hi! i just got that stupid virus the first time i went out of the house. i was surprised and i thought someone i knew send me a videoclip via bluetooth. When i started installing it i could’nt stop it and try to delete it but i can’t. pls help me on how to erase that horrible virus – tnx

  20. hi! i just got that stupid virus the first time i went out of the house. i was surprised and i thought someone i knew send me a videoclip via bluetooth. When i started installing it i could’nt stop it and try to delete it but i can’t. pls help me on how to erase that horrible virus – tnx

  21. attention everyone! thanks to Mr. craig j, i successfully erased that kind of virus that took me 3 nights thinking & searching on how to delete it… atlast! but you should save your contact # first before doing this. thanks a lot!!! PAPA JOEY, just wanna say i did it!

  22. Well, my phone is a Nokia 3250 and the first time I got this Caribe.sis thing was coming off an aircraft. The moment I switch on my phone, I get like 10 mesages all telling me to install Caribe.sis. Everytime I say NO, it just will not go away. It looks like it forces you to say YES. Anyway, I was at a Nokia store a few days ago and standing beside an N91 phone with my bluetooth supposed to be off, it suddenly turn the bluetooth ON and asks me to accept Caribe.sis. Anyway I am told that it is a virus by the staff but I have to take it somewhere else. Anyway, they tell me that I have to leave my phone for 2 whole days to get it fixed. Can someone tell me how to get rid of this annoying thing called Caribe.sis??? Please.

  23. please search address virus and what clean there:


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  25. yuk ! i don’t want to get that on my phone ! 3 days to clear this stuff out is horrendous. ‘m battling with some windows viruses already !! too much!

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