More Lugu Lake Pictures

What a pleasant surprise for me that I received email from Dr. Glenwood Irons again. you may also remember Dr. Glenwood, the author of Flight to Shanghai: A Journey in the Plague Year (II, III, IV). It was the only time that I co-author this blog for the entire 3 years of blogging, because the topic is so interesting and Dr. Glenwood’s entry was so well written. This time, he sent me some pictures he took near the Lugu Lake. He obviously took the most moving moments – dancing and group photo with the women in that village – the villages where women enjoy much more rights than men.


Photo taken by Dr. Glenwood Irons


Photo taken by Dr. Glenwood Irons


Photo taken by Dr. Glenwood Irons

It reminds of the my trip to Lugu Lake in the May holiday.

BTW, I am thinking of travelling again. There is a package to Egypt costing only 8200 RMB from Beijing. Well…. The pyramids — my mind start to fly…

12 thoughts on “More Lugu Lake Pictures

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  2. hay, are they the socierty that woman is the central, where only woman can stay officially at home, husband has to spend night by going to wife’s house. I saw the similar dressing in ShenZhen Peoples Valley (Min Su Cun).

  3. I like your my city, my bus stop project. Can I suggest that you take some pictures of those bus stops (with every stop clearly defined on the sign board)? I know it takes more time and all but it makes things a lot easier. Maps help a lot but sometimes we simply want to know where we should stop and change a bus.

  4. Dear Mr. Wang,

    I am the one who called earlier today, I am a reasearcher from the University of Hong Kong, Department of architecture.

    Your website about the map is really nice! I am so impressed. Actually this story starts from when I am working on a Shanghai Urban Study with Professor Stephen Lau Siu-yue (the associated Dean,, and because of that I start looking for the the updated base map of the entire Shanghai to overlay studies and illustration. Thats why I got you on the internet.

    As I said before, I want to ask you for the bigger maps’ digital copy. I know you are aware of the copyright issues, but as long as you had confirmed we are from HKU, actually this material will not be put into commercial and public use and we will acknowledge the sources in the Bibliography sections as we had done that for all other copyrighted sources.

    Like many other university research, we are running out of time and money, so we sincerely hope that you can consider giving us a hand, we really really need that map….

    By the way, the whole research team including Prof. Lau is going up to Shanghai Pudong area in late August, so maybe we can meet up and talk about the planning issues and Shanghai, as we also regard opinion from an highly educated people like you as very valuable.

    My contact number is +852 91009139

    Thankyou very much,

    Benny Lee

  5. Jianshuo, Egypt is dangerous for tourists, and awfully hot.

    Ok, if you stay away from the tourist areas, it’s ok. But who does ?

    Instead, go to the (safe) countries in Europe (get some more money) and go.

    Now it’s very nice weather. And the people ARE very nice !

    I was just on a roundtrip there with Xiuying a few weeks ago – France, Italy and Austria.

    Great and cool !

  6. Hi Jianshuo

    You have travelled a lot in China.

    Have you ever seen a campground, you know, with tents and so ?

    Maybe it is not popular in China (yet) ?

  7. Hi wangjianshuo,

    I would like to go to the Mosuo Wangshi that you visited in Lugu Lake. Is there anyway I can contact the owners such as a telephone number or a website for example?

    Also, is the Inn easy to get to once I arrive in Lugu lake on the bus from Lijiang?

    thank you very much for your help and advice.


  8. Hi,

    So nice to view your great pics focusing on LuGu Lake. I visited Meili Snow Mt last year, and got some wonderful snapping shots over there. One of them was selected by the International Library of Photography for a semifinal contest, and will be published in late this year. LuGu Lake is my next destination to visit; I am going to make this trip in next year. I wonder if you have travel information about the road trek connection from LuGu Lake of Yunnan to Yading at Daochen in Sichuan. Practically Yading is my ultimate destination…Many Thanks

    Jianwen Zhang

  9. Hi, there

    I and my friends have already visited Lugu Lake this June. We are going to plan another trip this mid October 06 and tentatively the trip will include Lugu Lake (Yunnan), Yading and Daochen in Sichuan (similar to what Jianwenzhang mentioned). Is there any good suggestions for us how we organize our trip, such as no. of days, starting point and ending place, driver referrals, etc. While, does anyone know about the accomodation condition at Yading??

    Many thanks in advance.

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