I Watched Super Girl, Finally

I start to feel silly that I still didn’t watch Super Girl from Hunan TV. Everyone is talking about it in China now – 20 million people are waiting for the TV show every Friday. Wendy just fly back from Boao in Hainan, and she told me that many people on the flight were so worry during the flight that they may miss some part of the show that night.

Super Girl is a miracle in the history of TV program in China. It broke a new record for watching rate. One of the girl got 820K SMS voting in one week. One SMS cost 1 RMB to 0.5 RMB. That is a large business already. I am very happy that the entertainment industry is booming up with the these programs in China.

14 thoughts on “I Watched Super Girl, Finally

  1. it is an eyeball economic world, to some extent, i feel bad when i watch these kind of programmes.

  2. i watched Super Girl about a month ago. Its operation gives me many hints, especially the involvement of audiences. i think it also applies to internet.

  3. Thanks nn. Interesting as I heard Shanghai TV station is now producing a Chinese version of The Apprentice. Vincent Lo, Chairman of Shui On Group (Xintiandi developer) will be the equivalent of Donald Trump.

    What’s more interesting is Donald Trump is now suing Vincent Lo and his partners regarding a dispute in a real estate partnership they have in New York. So looks like everyone needs to pull their version of “The Art of the Deal”. :-)

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  5. I wrote one article on the supergirl competition (visit my blog at http://www.donews.net/speaking) and I asked a friend to write about American Idol and I wrote the Singapore Idol too because I stayed in Singapore for 1 year and I followed the show from the very beginning to the result show.

    Go and visit the following links on idolatry:

    http://blog.donews.com/speaking/archive/2005/08/06/496832.aspx (supergirl)

    http://blog.donews.com/speaking/archive/2005/08/06/496874.aspx (singapore idol)

    http://blog.donews.com/speaking/archive/2005/08/09/501883.aspx (Yan on American idol)

  6. This year’s supergirl TV is a fasion, but I think that it will not last too long, next year no one would remember it any more.

  7. super girl or other kind of reallife TV show, like it or not, it is real and it is coming… because TV viewers are tired of fake soap drama, and they want to know how other normal people’s normal life is, and get a chance to peek…

    oh, btw, I search ms blog and run across this post, any comments? A ms guy lost his job because of his blog. how sad it is.


  8. It’s amazing so many people watching this show. But this year the girls are too litmusless…

  9. it is the final

    but this kind of TV show is at its begining, i think

    i like ZHANG , she is the best singer of the finalists

    and LI is cute, cool and she is beautiful by herandrogynous look~~~~~~~

    up~up ~~like them all~~~

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