Maglev Extends 2 Hours?

When I drive back from my customer’s site to Xujiahui, I turned to a radio station. I don’t remember the name now. I guess it is the audio channel for Shanghai TV News Program. They mentioned that to handle the large transportation population, the Maglev has extended 2 hours of its operation time. But the news didn’t tell the exact start and ending time.

The only news I can get from Google is this. It didn’t specific the new time yet.

I called 114 and asked for the ticket office telephone number. They played a piece of pre-recorded audio:

Maglev operates from 8:30 – 17:30 at interval of 15 minutes. Call 62556655 for tickets. 50 RMB for single trip. Discount available for passengers with air ticket of the same day….For F1 ticket, call 62558858…

I called the number they gave: 62556655 and heard another piece of pre-recorded message that differs from the one provided by 114.

Maglev leaves Long Yang Road from 8:20 – 17:40 and leaves from Pudong Airport from 8:30 – 17:30 at interval of 20 minutes. Call 62556655 for tickets. 50 RMB for single trip. Discount available for passengers with air ticket of the same day….For F1 ticket, call 62558858…

At 19:00, their ticket office has been closed and no one answer the phone.

So does Maglev really extends their service time? You judge by yourself. If it does, it is a great news. As I mentioned before, for a frequent flyer like me, I will take every oppotunity to take Maglev if it is possible. However, up to now, I was only able to take it once since it started to operate, because my flight either leave around 8:00 – 9:00 AM or later than 5:00 PM.

P.S. Cody complained that the site is boring to read without pictures. Let me try to add some. :D

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  1. I still have a feeling that the Maglev is wrapped in secrecy. The authority is down playing its significance, and the accessibility has been poor, which does not represent a formal shuttle to airport.


  2. Obviously, before making final decision of a new possible route from SH to Hangzhou, the officials would like to cool everything down so that there might be less obstacle from the public.

  3. Hi Jianshuo

    You live not far from Longyang Lu Zhan, the Maglev station.

    So you can go and ask for the information in the ticket booth.

    And then you can do the return-trip for 80 Yuan ! (Same price as 2 beers in a bar…)

  4. Yes. If I have time, I definitely will go there and check it out. This is how I write many topics. What is wired it, I do think it is reasonable to charge me 80 RMB for two cups of beer when I am seated in a bar but I think the 80 RMB price is not that good. It is just about the feeling – the person who built the maglev must complain that passengers don’t like to pay for a thousands of million dollar project while they pay for a bar that runs less than half million RMB.

  5. The maglev is great, but the times are really terrible and make no sense. God forbid you fly into Shanghai after around 9 pm or early morning or else you’ll probably pay over 100 RMB to get to near points in Puxi.

  6. The MegLev photos are nice, but they are all in BMP format. As such the webpage takes more time to load. Please convert them all to .jpg format and post them back.


  7. Hello Jian Shuo Wang, it has been some time since I last posted anything to your site. I have been anxiously waiting for the publishers of Civil Engineering to place on their site a very interesting article on the Shanghai Maglev. Their article can be found using the link below.

    There are actually two interesting articles about the Maglev. One details the contruction and operation of the Maglev the other covers the bureucracy involved with such a project were it to be undertaken here in the U.S.

    When I visited Shanghai China back in 2000, I toured several engineering and architectural firms associated with Tongji University. One of the firms I went to showed me a computer animation of the Maglev as it traveled from Shanghai to Pudong airport. I have asked several times for the CD/DVD of the animation but alas I have lost contact with all the people I have met in my journey.

  8. What I don’t understand is..why didn’t they build the thing to Central Puxi in the first place? It’s fine for me as my wife lives off Longyang Lu, but for most visitors it must seem to be the middle of nowhere

  9. Hey,

    Thank you for all your useful informations, but there’s one I couldn’t find: does the maglev operate everyday, including Saturdays and Sundays? If yes, is it the same timetable as other days?

    Thank you

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