Edward’s Photo Life

Edward is my colleague a MCS. He is a serious photographer with powerful digital canon and extreme passion on equipments and taking pictures.

I read his blog today and found some very interesting post. He is also in Shanghai and he sits near my cubicle. I guess the city from his eyes is also attractive to people who are moving to Shanghai.

At mid-Sept, he used the camera on his SmartPhone to catch the scene of a chief caught by police man. It bring my camera with me most of the time but I always feel I should bring it more frequently when I see something suddenly happen.

His photo of Cocacola and CNN very impressive. It convinced me that a better camera is still important to a high quality photo.

The best part is the F1 photos. Thanks to his longer lens camera so he can caught more details of the racing cars than I did.

There are many other interesting stuff on that site. Part of it was written in English and the other in Chinese. Enjoy the nice blog.

2 thoughts on “Edward’s Photo Life

  1. I have visit his blog from yours. I really love his photos which took in trip.But it seems like that his blog is not updated often.

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