Shanghai is Cooling Down

The temperature of Shanghai dropped by more than 10 °C these days and it becomes very cold at morning and night. The autumn comes to Shanghai. Wendy and I have caught cold these days due to the sudden change in temperature. I am still not used to wear jacket. The summer didn’t go in my mind but the Autumn does arrive. Please take care and bring more clothes if you come to Shanghai.

It is clear and the sky is blue – very nice whether to take pictures and go outting. It is 16 °C to 26 °C already and is becoming colder everyday.


Tomorrow Square near the People’s Square. Photo by my brother Jian Feng Wang, who is visiting Shanghai these days


Details of Jin Mao Tower. Photo by my brother Jian Feng Wang, who is visiting Shanghai these days

P.S There are parachuting from Jin Mao tower at 2:00 PM tomorrow afternoon. I hope I will be there to see people jumping from the top of the Jin Mao Tower – of cause they have all the protection they need.

18 thoughts on “Shanghai is Cooling Down

  1. Good shot of Tomorrow !

    I heard today that there will be a B.A.S.E.-jump show with many skydivers tomorrow oct 5, 2PM, from the top of Jinmao… I will go there !

  2. Jianshuo, sorry, I didn’t read the last of your article at first, erase my comment please.

  3. Thank you from Italy Janshuo. I’ll be soon in Shanghai and I read as much as I can in this great place. Ciao

  4. Jianshuo, do you know what companies have offices in the Jingmao Tower and Tomorrow Square? Where can I find out? Maybe you can compile a company listing, it will be very useful. Many thanks!

  5. hi jian shuo,

    i will come to shanghai at the end of this month..

    must i bring a lot of winter clothes?

    as i already read, shanghai is cooling down..

    so i wont bother to bring clothes that unsuitable there.

    thanks for your articles,

    it really helps me to know shanghai.

    i like to surf to your website.. keep up the great work!



  6. Hi mike, see this :

    I went there, but the tickets were sold out, so I went to Oriental Pearl Tower in the 263-meter ball (50 RMB).

    Exept from the crowd’s pushing, I recorded many of the jumps with the camcorder (10x zoom using a tripod), and from that point it as possible to see the landings very well.

    I guess 30-40 thousand spectators saw the show. It was really good !

  7. Hi Jianshuo

    The jumpers don’t need any special protection, only their own skill

    and a parachute that hopefully will come properly out of the bag every time :-)

    Some have a special suit with extra fabric under the arms and between the legs, allowing them to glide to some extent, before the parachute is opened.

  8. hello Jian Shuo

    I plan to go for holiday in Shanghai from 25 Nov to 30 Nov. Would apprciate if u could give indication of temperature during that period. The travel agent in Malaysia told me that temp is 10 to 16 deg F. I hope to hear from u soon as i need to pay for the tour on 25/10. If its cold i will go in Apr 2005.


    tmchoo from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

  9. It is cool, but not cold. Some still wear t-shirt now but some has changed to sweater. At the end of Nov, it should goes cold. I guess end of Oct is a good time to travel

  10. Don’t be fooled by temperature alone. Shanghai feels colder because of the humidity and because the buildings are not heated. Jian Shuo, are those star hotels heated?

  11. hi shianshuo

    i really wolud like to kmnow about de temperature of te sea water and if i know any surfshop or place for buy neoprene clothes



  12. Will be in shanghai from 5-17Nov. Seems like wheather getting colder. any advice on whether I should be carrying a jacket coming in or can leave it in the luggage. Will arrive early morning.

    Thks Maria

  13. Hi there, I’ll be in Shanghai at the end of September for about 8 days. Can you advise on the weather and the type of clothing I shall bring. For your information, I’m from Malaysia (tropical country)^^.

  14. Will be in Shanghai for holiday in mid October for 11 days. Need advise on temperature at that time & whether thick warm clothing needed. What’s the English name for hotel “yuan dong”.

    Tks & rgds.

  15. @Linda, Oct is very nice month to visit. It is no longer hot, and it is warm enough. You don’t need to get thick warm clothing – at that time, summer just past. I don’t know any hotel named Yuan Dong, but by direct translation, it means fareast.

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