Shanghai Metro Line #1 – Part III

This is the third part of Shanghai Metro Line #1 (part I, part II) and is the last part.

The People’s Square 人民广场 map

If you need to remember only one place in Shanghai, it is the People’s Square. The Bund is more famous and attractive than the People’s Square, but it is know as the center of the city. The city hall is there, so does the Shanghai government (this is very important).

It is the only transition station between Metro Line #1 and Metro Line #2. So there is no doubt that it is the busiest station in Shanghai.

The Shanghai Museum, the Shanghai City Planning Exhibition Center, the Shanghai Art Museum, the Nanjing Road (yes, the most famous road in Shanghai) are all located there. I would suggest people to start the tour to Nanjing Road from this station and walking toward east. It is about 15-30 minutes walk to the Bund.

Bus Stops: 145, 201, 531, 934, 203, 797, 574, 46, 112, 123, 925, 921, 20, 49, 980, 330, 37, 108, 18, 930, 537, 318, 802, 217, 573, 312, 584, 108, 518, 581, 109

Xinzha Road 新闸路 map

Xinzha Road is at the south bank of the Suzhou River. There is nothing to see near this station. Actually, I didn’t visited this station yet. The Suzhou River is expected to be a modern area like the banks of those famous rivers in Europe, but now, it is still a gather place of the poor.

Bus Stops: 210, 316, 801, 19, 64, 518, 802, 916, 46, 108, 930, 531, 203, 201, 537, 18, 318, 217, 312, 15, 315, 21, 231, 939, 136, 869, 933, 253, 36

Hanzhong Road 汉中路 map

Like Xinzha Road station, there is a station here, I guess, because there should be station according to the 3 km per station rule, but there are not many attraction near this station. I didn’t go to this station yet, although I will always pass it when I visit the Shanghai Railway Station.

Bus Stops: 722, 301, 41, 324, 835, 710, 64, 128, 767B, 104, 109, 801, 114, 741, 234, 716, 723

Shanghai Railway Station 上海火车站 Map

This is the terminal station of the Metro Line #1. The extension of line #1 is expected to open soon, but not now.

If you want to travel by train, chances are, you will take the train at this station. It is very crowded with huge number of passengers. Please be advised to take care of your belongings carefully when you step out of the metro train of this station. Look out for thiefs and rude beggars. As railway stations in any cities or countries, the security status is below the average of the city. If you choose a hotel, avoid this area.

It is the transition station to Metro Line #3. There is a very looooong tunnel to go through for transit.

Bus Stops: 106, 516, 928, 306, 515, 310, 115, 942, 592, 912, 823, 929, 508, 817, 517, 117, 305, 744, 866, 859, 553, 78, 927, 95, 104, 41, 13, 324, 328, 308, 329, 302, 322, 941, 113, 315, 64, 930, 584, 506, 109, 815, 801, 802, 768, 63, 106, 837, 319, 13, 563, 922, 516, 223, 58, 301, 573, 41, 844


Oh. I finally finished a rough explanation of the 16 stations of Metro Line #1. I guess I can add more detailed information to these pages later.

The Metro line serves as a route to chain the important points of the city and I hope by describing the points, readers can get some idea of the city.

6 thoughts on “Shanghai Metro Line #1 – Part III

  1. Nice descriptions of the different stations.

    If they do finish the extention to line #1 there will be quite a lot of new stations judging from my map. On my map there are an additional 9 stations planned. Most of these stations will be on GongHeXin Rd.

    Probably the most interesting of these will be the station on the intersection of GongHeXin Rd and YanChang Rd close to Shanghai University, Zhabei Park and Songjaoren’s Mausoleum (seems to be in or next to the park). Starting from this station the metro line is supposed to follow the GongHeXin Rd all the way up to the Outer Ring.

    I’ll be able to check out the Shanghai metro system myself later this year or early next year. (December or Januari)

    Hope they’ve already started extending Metro Line #2 towards Hongqiao Airport by then, might make it easier for me to visit my friends in Shanghai.

  2. Thanks for giving us a detailed information about the Metro Line 1. This will surely be helpful to new comers. Have a nice day, JS!

  3. Have you seen XuJiaHui station lately??? the signs already direct you to Gongfu XinCun station… And Tianshan lu, is all messed up with the construction of the extention of line 2… and best of all, there is alot of activity around the Hongqiao line 3 station, where line 4 should also pass… I love this city!!!

  4. JS, this is a cool guide for metro line #1! I’m in Shanghai now :) and getting around the city much thanks to your blogs! I’m staying near Shanxi station and working near Huangpi… this stretch is very interesting indeed. The signs in the metro stations that tell you which attractions are located at which exit are very helpful too. I am loving the transportation card which can be used in subways, taxis, buses, and even the ferry (which I took yesterday at night – beautiful scenary on the way back from Pudong).

    Anyway, my collegues here are taking me to Xintiandi tonight, should be super fun.

    I have a few requests for blog entries:

    – If you could write about more traditional tourist attractions, like temples, museums, gardens, it would be much appreciated.

    – :) Is there a bus map you can post? (My collegues here are also new to Shanghai – in fact, they’ve said that in the week that I’ve been here I’ve been to more places than them!)

    – Is there a local place where I can change the date of my plane ticket? I flew with Air China.


  5. Thank you very much! I think this is a helpful page for me (first timer to Shanghai)! Wish to see more info like other metro line in your blog in future!! :) Thanks for your effort!

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