Shanghai Metro Line #1 – Part II

Well. Let me continue to follow the Metro Line #1 to visit the other great stations. In my last article, I have introduced the Xin Zhuang – Xujiahui Station. Now, we will go northward to the Heng Shan Road. Station.

Hengshan Road. Station 衡山路 map

Hengshan Road is the bar street. It is the place where lots of consulates of many countries – such as U.S., Canada, Japan, Singapore. There are many bars along the street. Although the Xintiandi has taken the best bar area title from Hen Shan Road, it is still a nice place to visit at night, especially for me who works in Xujiahui. Hengshan Road is also one of the most beautiful street in Shanghai with the nice phoenix trees along both side.

At the time of this writing, experimental automatic door was installed in the Metro to save some engerny.

The Shanghai Community Church is at #53 of this road. The Shanghai Library is also nearby.

Bus Stops: 93, 15, 02, 824, 315, 320, 830, 548, 401, 927

Changshu Road. Station 常熟路 map

Is there any reasons I visit Changshu Road. Station? Maybe because it is the starting point of Huaihai Road. Huaihai Road one of the most important road in Shanghai with all kinds of fashion stores and department stores. It is a long road. The Huaihai Road main refer to Huaihai Zhong Road, or Huaihai Middle Road. It started from the Changshu Road. Station till somewhere near the Bund. If I have enough time, I will start from the Chang Shu Road. Station and walk eastward, so I can see the whole road (and the stores along the road). Shanghai Conservatory of Music is at this station, but I didn’t visit it. I have once bought some music instruments for my friends there. There are no large shopping mall or places of interest nearby.

Bus stops: 15, 45, 327, 315, 830, 126, 927, 49, 920, 320, 911, 926, 831, 02, 824

South Shanxi Road. 陕西南路 map

Wow. This is THE station. The Huahai Road between South Shanxi Road and South Huangpi Road (the next station I will cover later) are the busiest and most exciting part of the whole road. The Parkson Shopping Center is just at the exit of South Huaihai Road Station. (Check “Sunny Saturday” to see some pictures around the area).

It is interesting that according to some newspaper, 40,000 people will meet at the exit of Parkson shopping center everyday, since it is a perfect place to meet and go to other places together. I don’t know if the source is accurate but I personally guess it should be so many people – I always use this place as the meeting point.

The Garden Hotel, the Lanxin Theater is at the east-side exits of this station.

Another reason why this station is so crowded is the Xiang Yang Market nearby. The Xiang Yang market is about 100 meters away from this station, so the sidewalks are so crowded and some readers have warned of stealing on the street and in the market.

Bus stops: 02, 911, 926, 42, 920, 831, 320, 41, 835, 24, 128, 301, 304, 104, 146

South Huangpi Road 黄陂南路 map

Huangpi Road is the decent area left from the old Shanghai. The Pacific Department Store are at the exit of South Huangpi Road Station. The Hong-Kong Plaza and many other business buildings and shopping malls are located here. I would suggest this station to be a must-see for any visitors to this city.

The Xintiandi is about 500 meters away from this station.

Bus Stops: 781, 109, 581, 932, 42, 320, 02, 911, 920, 831, 926, 108, 518, 126, 71, 127, 01, 925, 936

To be continued

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  1. Actually, the 陕西南路 station is closer to the Garden Hotel and Cathay Theatre. I should know, I grew up in that area.

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