Broadband Internet Providers in Shanghai

ADSL from China Telecom

Installation Fee: 310 RMB – including an account and an ADSL modem. NIC (Network Interface Card) is NOT included.

Package 1: 130 RMB/month for unlimited time at speed of 512K.

Package 2: 150 RMB/month for unlimited time at speed of 2M.

Package 3: 200 RMB/month for unlimited time at speed of 4M. (need to check)

Package 4: 1300 RMB/year for unlimited time at speed of 512K. Installation Fee is included.

Package 5: 1500 RMB/year for unlimited time at speed of 2M.

Apply and Information : Phone: 10000 (China Telecom service hotline)

Installation Requirements The area you are living in must meet the installation requirements and ADSL ports should be available. Check with their call center by your address. For example, I used ADSL in my old house in Vanke Waltz Garden but cannot install it in Pudong. Poor me. If you live in downtown Shanghai, chances are your place is ADSL ready.

My Personal Experience

I miss ADSL badly after I move to Pudong. ADSL is best broadband solution I have ever experienced. The speed is good enough for Internet suffering and downloading. It assigns a dynamic but real public IP to client computer, which means, I can setup my own server at home and others can access my site from anywhere. (If you are interested, you may need some dynamic domain service provider like ORAY.NET to bind your dynamic IP address to a domain name) ADSL from China Telecom is very reliable. I didn’t experience drop line or other unpleasant events in my one year subscription with ADSL. The 10000 call center’s service is pretty good – it is the standard service from the largest telecom infrastructure provider in Shanghai. I never called them because I didn’t meet any trouble.

Great Wall Broadband

Installation Requirements: Great Wall Broadband does not need YOU to take the trouble to install it. They make deals with the real estate company and build the network cable inside the wall of newly built apartment. Check with your property management company to see if Great Wall Broadband is available in your property. If it is installed, then all you need to do is to call them to enable your account and plug a network cable into the network port on your wall. If it is not installed, chances are, you have to choose other options. It is almost impossible for individuals to apply to install Great Wall Broadband.

Installation Fee: 0 RMB if it is installed when you move in.


My Comments:

I was a happy customer at very beginning since the speed is really good. But I finally became a very dissatisfied customer of Great Wall Broadband and after complaining with their service team for a month or two, I quitted my subscription and switched to ADSL. Their technology is bad and it pops up the annoying IE time counter that you cannot close. It is stupid to count time for a all-you-can-eat subscriber like me. The company was started by a good professor from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. I have ever worked in his lab for one summer and that summer provided me enough time to start with Internet. I am grateful for the professor but finally said no to his company (and give negative comment). Sorry.

Cable Modem

Cable modem is a service I never tried. I hope I can put some content here from my friends who used cable modem.

31 thoughts on “Broadband Internet Providers in Shanghai

  1. you have also :

    50 RMB/month for limited time at speed of 512K during 30 hours

    80 RMB/month for limited time at speed of 512K during 60 hours

    120 RMB/month for limited time at speed of 1M during 60 hours

    personnel use only

  2. Hello,

    I want to thank you for creating your site – I have searched for hours for information on how to get broadband – including all the so called ëxpat”sites. Yours is the best and most informative and practical for us – even though we lived in shanghai before! Thanks!

  3. Hello,

    do you happen to know of other China Telecom broadband offers that do not have unlimited internet time but are cheaper?

  4. Thanks, this is pretty useful information for someone like me who can’t speak Chinese.

    Hopefully I can get ADSL installed soon.

    I have a related question – there is a cable hanging out of the wall in the the study of my apartment. There is an unused phone input nearby. Looking closely at the cable, it has LAN printed on it. There is no LAN setup in my house – does this mean my apartment has already had ADSL or cable installed, and they simply used a LAN cable when wiring things up?

  5. The LAN port should be neither ASDL or Cable Modem. It should be broadband (from Shanghai Telecom or Greatwall Broadband). Check your property management company to see what it is.

  6. hi there,

    I am on China Telecom’s 30 hour a month plan. I desperately need to upgrade to an unlimited plan, but my landlord refuses to do so. She says China Telecom will allow her to upgrade the plan, but it will not allow her to downgrade. Do you know if this is true? It doesn’t sound right to me.

  7. Hi :

    Just wondering, I tried to have 2 PC using internet at the same time (we’re using ADSL), can we use a hub ? I tried the hub, it’s not working.

    Or I should buy a router ?

    Should we set up something with the ADSL provider ?

    It’s so difficult to get in touch with the tech support, nobody speaks english :(


  8. Hi all,

    I have noticed the comments on this webpage from expats who live in Shanghai, who have difficulty in getting there ADSL connecion to work correctly.

    I am in New Zealand, I am an ADSL provisioner/fault restoration technician for Telecom New Zealand, the reason I am writing is I would like to know if I start up a ADSL provisioning/fault restoration service company in Shanghai (for a start) for expats only, would I have a viable business?, I would also retail other products for ADSL services, such as IP phone (all in english) and with a tech support phone number for expats to call for service.

    I would like some feedback please, if you would use this service, I can be contacted a my email address

  9. Hi,

    was wondering if you are still hosting sites on your adsl connection? Through personal experience, I would not recommended beside it being slow, it can also be unreliable and some security risk involved.

    However, if you have future sites you would like to find hosting for, drop me an email and I will try to help you place your sites on my hosting server for free.



    btw keep up the good work :)

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  13. hi does anyone using azureus to download files? if you use azureus to download files and you currently with china telecom broadband, can you tell me how to actually do the port forwarding so that your azureus can pass through the NAT and firewall test?

    my azureus icon keep becoming yelowish. i want it to be green

    i appreciate anyone who can help me with this problem thank you

  14. Does anyone have updated information on ADSL/Cable prices in Shanghai? How about a run-through on how to set up an account with (for example) China Telecom? I would love to find this all out, as I will be moving in to a new apt (Newly renovated, with “ethernet wires hanging out of the wall + phone jack next to it” situation) next week.

    Thanks in advance, and thanks to Wang JianShuo for the great resource!!

  15. I apprecaite any advise as far as the right high speed circuit service provider (1M to 2 M BPS speed and 2 – 4 public TCPIP addresses) for our distribution center at 169 Yuan Ping Road, Zhai Bei District, Shanghai.

    Current provider with 512K is not stable.

    All the comments are valuable. Many thanks.

    Puzzled in Chicago Eric

  16. I apprecaite any advise as far as the right high speed circuit service provider (1M to 2 M BPS speed and 2 – 4 public TCPIP addresses) for our distribution center at 169 Yuan Ping Road, Zhai Bei District, Shanghai.

    Current provider with 512K is not stable.

    All the comments are valuable. Many thanks.

    Puzzled in Chicago Eric

  17. Your site is fantastic. I really felt lost when my company asked me to setup a buying office in shanghai (Fortune Building , off Beijing Si Loo). Currently i have just installed an adsl line and it’s crap. An internet speed test reveals that the speed is about 46kbps. I’m furious. The service from china tietong. is there any other reliable vendor who can service fortune building office no 2010. We desperately need a better internet line than the current one.

  18. ADSL from China Telecom is the best I have used so far, although it is still far from my expection. Sometimes it is fast, and sometime it is too slow, with periodical disconnection. But don’t need to try others, they are even worse.

  19. How Much per hour this month of march 2007 is ADSL Cost??

    Please Reply if have ur answer on my email aboVe….

    Xie xie……

  20. Thanks for the advice. I’m currently in Harbin and I want to hook up an ADSL line. Someone told me today to call China Telecom phone # 10000, and I just would like to know whether I first need a working telephone number in order to hook up an ADSL line? Sorry, I don’t know much about this issue.


  21. Doe anybody can help me.

    we are an Italian Company and we are looking for an hosting solution in


    What we need is: hosting, HD space 100Mb, PHP 5 or 4, MySql database,

    FTP access, SSH access, English control panel.

    We wait quotation about our request.

    Do you know a good ISP where to host a site in China?

  22. Where did you find some info about Package #3 (4Mb)?

    I called China Telecom and they affirm they do not have that kind of offer…

    I wish I could have a 4mb DSL connection …

  23. I use the worst internet provider in Shanghai. China Tietong. I have paid for a 2 M connection however that speed is only available between 23:00 to 08:00. The rest of the time I am running at 80-100 kbit/sec. Worse than a dial-up connection in Saudi Arabia! Service response is good but they cant fix it. The come to my house and check cables etc. Well any idiot would understand that they have sold more bandwidth than they have available. Anyway will switch to China Telecom and give them a try. Not sure they would be any better…………….

  24. I asked a question on this page in 2005, and I’ve been in Shanghai since then. I had an ADSL connection from China Telecom at one point, but due to awful customer service at their office, I since switched to OCN cable internet. It’s fine most of the time for surfing and downloading files, but my online poker has suffered from untimely disconnections.

    It’s about 120 yuan a month, 1200 for a year or something.

    It’s not great, but I’ve found it acceptable for the most part, although I’m thinking of going back to the ADSL connection.

  25. Just called 10000. They had no english for their automated answering. As I finally reached an operator I couldn’t be helped at all because I am a foreigner! They wouldn’t even tell me if ADSL is available at my place. I would have to go to a shop and show my passport. Is that correct? Cheers

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  27. I have a question about the ISP’s in Shanghai.

    Which ISP is the fastest one ? It doesn’t matter what the price is like. The speed is very important to me.

    Right now I’m using China Tietong, it is way to slow. It says DSL 2k but my speed is about 68kbytes/s all the time.

    It would be very nice of you if you could give some of the fastest ones with a link to their websites because some of them could be not reachable from my home.

    Thank you!

  28. Hi,

    Would appreciate it if anyone can please let me know how I can get internet access activited and used for just for about 1 week or 2 during the Chinese New Year in XuHui district where I will stay. It sounds broadband was installed when this place I will stay was built but has never been used for internet.

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