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Dragoning (China site) posted a comment about his new blog. It is a starting blog with 94 entries already. It has solid content and fresh ideas. Meantime, from the frontpage of the blog, I can see the traffic is not hight. It has Google PageRank of 0 (better than “not ranked”) and there is no comments or trackbacks on any entry that is listed on homepage. Despite of the lower readership (I am guessing), Dragoning kept writing with great care. I believe one day, the site will enjoy higher PageRank (so get more attention) and will be successful soon.

BTW, what is the definition of a successful blog? Readership is certainly one of the important factors. Everyone enjoys seeing huge traffic everyday and many people respond to articles on the site, but there is more than readership.

The reference value for him/herself is one of the other important factors. I love to check what happened the same day in the last year. What did I do at that time? What was in my mind in those old happy/bad times.

Do you still remember what happened on June 5, 2003? I do. It was a Thursday and I was preparing my trip to Chong Ming island by bicycle: Riding a Bicyle to Chong Ming Island. On June 10, 2004, I Returned from Chong Ming and posted many pictures. Wow. That is a fantastic trip. I am happy that I posted something so I can recall and remember one year or ten years later. I would want to do it if it is a personal diary. This is what I call a successful blog – a blog that runs for at least one year.

In the first half of 2004, blogging starts to spead quickly in China. I see new bloggers coming every day and find nice blogs every day. Of cause, I also see many quit after posting some entries. Anyway, technology is changing people’s life, but is not the whole of people’s life. I am so happy that I received a SMS from my dad’s cellphone. It reads: “Mom is learning to send this SMS”. Sweet. Mom don’t have a mobile and now, she is able to talk with his son via SMS. Maybe one day, she will send me an email and say: “Hi, son, this is the link of my blog and you can find the latest penoy pictures I took.” That would be realy nice. From comments from other computer-illiterated people, blogging is easier than any application of computer – even easier than email. If the blogging page is the home page of his/her IE, all he/she needs to do is writing something and click POST button.

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  1. hi,

    good job about map,how can u do the job like this?

    could u please tell me how to get a full map of Shanghai on net?

    I want to copy it to the pc.

    May I Make mark on it?

  2. Great thanks for your affirmation. Success firstly means personal accomplishment, especially for traditional Chinese. In modern era, I pay my attention to Chinese traditional culture. Wish us successful! :-)

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