ADSL is also Unavailable in my Home

I couldn’t imagine that I would face the challenge of getting Internet access after I move into my new home (Dahua Jin Xiu Hua Cheng) in Pudong. I was disappointed that I cannot use cable modem here. I called China Telecom to install ADSL. Today, I got confirmation from China Telecom that I cannot install ADSL in my home either. The equipment here is not ready for installation. In their technical term, the ADSL port is not available for this area.

Well. There is a long way to go to get Internet access and setup the Network Infrustructure as my previous apartment.

During my free chat with Andy, I learnt that China Unicom offers some kind of CDMA Internet access card – basically a SIM card – that enables a laptop to access Internet like GC75 + GPRS, but faster and cheaper. There is a package of 700 RMB for unlimited Internet access at speed of 200+ kps. (The data is not confirmed yet). The equipment (the PC card) needs to purchase separately.

People are asking me about which is the best broadband solution in Shanghai. Based on my limited experience with some providers, I still recommend ADSL from China Telecom. See my brief review of Broadband Internet Providers in Shanghai.

5 thoughts on “ADSL is also Unavailable in my Home

  1. The reason that you can’t get adsl is most probably because u are more than certain distance to a phone switch, or simply the switch doesn’t offer adsl functionality. but if your area is new, the equipment should have been install they just not willing to have it activated due to lack of demand.

  2. The real reason is, the equipment does not support ADSL. The equipments are too old. It may sound surprising that there are old equipments in Pudong. It is true since we are using the old equipment that were used very long ago in the villages of Pudong, before it was developed. So, the only thing to do is to wait…

  3. Hello, can you tell me how much China Tel charges for DSL services in Shanghai? And do they offer different speeds?



  4. Hi,Mike,

    As I know, China Telecom can offer differenct ADSL speeds and will charges around USD 100 monthly.

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