Future Plan of Shanghai Metro

Amazing! Check out the future of plan of Shanghai Metro:


Credit: Anonymous

Download the full size (3040×2548) map. 3.75M

There are so many metro lines under the city. There are some huge transition stations with as many as 4 metro lines. This will be a huge change to the city.

Metro is the nature part of my life already. Xiao Li described the close feeling with the Metro in this entry: the Metro (Chinese site) Good article!

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  1. Plans are always good, but I have seen so many plans over the past ten years. Is there any indication when all this will be in place? That might take another few years.

    I was in November in Tokyo and their metro system really impressed me. They started earlier, there is much more money around but their scale even makes the Shanghai plans look very tiny.


  2. Hi,

    Can you point out where that major universities in Shanghai are on this map (Fudan, Jiaotong)? I might study abroad and am anixous to know where they are located in respect to the city center.


  3. When I study in the middle school in Minhang (Wangjianshuo should know that area well), I learned the light train plan (from Xinzhuang to Minhang), and finally this light train/metro line was became full operation in the end of last year. From plan to full operation, it take 10 years.

  4. Wow, how delicate the map is! Thank you, Xiao Wang. It seems every small load is located on the map, very precisely.

    When the metro system become completed some day in 2010’s, it must be overwhelming that of Tokyo, we are polished new! And the gap of real estate price will be bridged, now shanghai is 1/5 that of Tokyo.

  5. When the construction plan will be completed? After completion,

    I assume people’s transportation will be much easier. I live at an apartment neighbouring a certain Tokyo’s Metro station. Very convenient. No to need to buy any car.

  6. My friend studying in Shanghai told me that the metro fare was increased. It took him about 5 RMB from Eastern Tech. Uni. of China (hua dong li dong) to the station near Fudan — It is good to have metro, but the fare seems relatively high.

  7. My friend studying in Shanghai told me that the metro fare was increased last year. It took him about 5 RMB from Eastern Tech. Uni. of China (hua dong li gong da xue) to the station near Fudan — It is good to have more metro lines, but the fare seems relatively high.

  8. They will be constructed very soon. As I know, 100+ metro stations were under construction last year and some lines will be put into production at the end of this year, such as M4, M7… I believe the map will be reality completely by the year of 2010

  9. I have recently attended a real estate conference where the completion dates were given, and I am happy to anounce that 6 of the 9 new metro lines will be open at the by year end 2005..

    So, if on time, tht means we only have to put up with the traffic for another two years

  10. Rich:

    What a “exciting” news! They said 6 of the 9 new metro lines will be in 2005 open … ? Yes they did say that, but don’t miss to hear last word, OPEN TO CONSTRUCTION! I think this is already the most optimistic expectation. Things never be done overnight. It’s apparently better to take realistic view, I have the same yearning as you do, though.:-)

  11. This future map describes the 2020 constrcution plan.

    The four blue lines mean metropoli metro-lines

    The red lines indicate city metro lines.

    The green lines connect different areas in the edge of outer-ring highway.

  12. In addition to the map, there is a Chinese article describing the proposed routes for 4 regional rail links each about 100km long (2 follow the route of the current no.1 and no.2 lines for part of their length), 8 metro lines and 5 light rail lines. It seems Long Yang Road station is referred to as Pudong Railway Station in this article and will be an interchange of 4 lines including the maglev which will be extended as far as Hangzhou City.

    The article is at http://metro.myrice.com/metronews07-12.htm

  13. yuck, imagine all those trains filled to the brim with all those yucky smelly dirty commuters

  14. there is something wrong with the link to the map downloading…

    please fix it or send a full size map to me.

    thanks a lot.

  15. the map is really great, but to my surprise, I could not find the Lupu Bridge on it!

  16. Very nice site, map look verys impressive. But can’t seem to download it (Error), I’ve tried a lot of time. Please can you send me the full size of the map. Thx

  17. in case anyone just wants an updated metromap without the future lines, i found a site with good info at urbanrail dot net. Just go to Asia and Shanghai and a map pops up. Sorry did not leave link as i was afraid it would accidentally get banned by the system for spam.

    Its not my site but its is real informative. :)

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