Webcam+Windows Media+GPRS+SmartPhone=?

What if we combine Webcam, Windows Media Technology, GPRS and a SmartPhone together? Here is the result:

Video of my webcam is displayed on my phone in real time. There is serveral seconds delay between the encoder and the player. © Jian Shuo Wang.

I broadcasted the scene of my cubicle and use a smart phone to view it, in video, at real time. I can pull my mobile phone and see what is going on, no matter where I am, on bus, in Metro, at airport, in Beijing or in Hainan….

Technology Used

The Windows Media Encoder pushes the video stream from inside the firewall onto a Windows Media Server on public network. The SmartPhone Dopod 515 displays video using its Windows Media Player via GPRS.

Specification in This Experiment

Webcam: ICatch (VI) PC Camera (Driver) (Thanks for Yumin)

Windows Median Encoder: Version: (Download)

Windows Media Server: Included Windows 2003 Server

SmartPhone: Dopod 515

Connection: GPRS via China Telecom

Windows Media on Air

Firstly, read this article Real-Time Stream Broadcasting Cookbook and setup your Real-Time Stream Broadcasting station. The result is, you can view your webcam from any other computer from the public.

Secondly, visit the URL in your smartphone use your Windows Media Player. The Windows Media Play should behaves the same as the desktop Windows.

The steps seem straightforward.

Go Accross the Firewall

The first problem in this experient is, the webcam is within the firewall and I have no permission to configure to the firewall. So I need to let users outside the firewall be able to see the video inside.

The solution is to find a Windows Media Server on the public website. The Windows Media Encoder can PUSH the video to a publishing point at Windows Media Server. The HTTP connection is initiated by the encoder, so it can go out of the proxy. The client can directly access the Windows Media Server.

We are at Digital Age

I am so excited that my heart beat very fast after I see the video on my SmartPhone. It means a big impact to people’s life. This morning, I suddenly found I can turn Wendy’s phone into a radio. Just enter and it plays the current East Radio Station’s program. Then enter, the mobile became a TV set – the real time TV program appeared on the mobile…

Really cool! Isn’t it?

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  1. Quite a fantanstic combination! However, I have a question does the GPRS service charge high? – I know it is charged by the data size, so it must be costly to use GPRS to watch on-line video.

  2. I used the All-You-Can-Eat package from China Telecom. The package is 200 RMB for all the traffic of the month. Moreover, I used my credit (points) I get from telephone bill to pay the 200 RMB so GPRS is free for me – I don’t pay a penny for it.

  3. Interesting stuff. But using IIS is a bit overboard, surely? Aren’t there web cam apps that would do this? Or, at least create MPEGs that could be streamed with QuickTime Streaming Server? What about QuickTime Broadcaster?

  4. Can you please provide steps on how you set up the server etc? It would be a first on the web and would help a great deal.

  5. I’m doing something similar to check on my home-based webcam but I do not have access to a Windows Media server. I use the other encoder option which is to let the client pull from encoder directly.. therefore no server is needed! It works great and with an unlimited data plan from tmobile I don’t have to worry about the cost.

  6. “Moreover, I used my credit (points) I get from telephone bill to pay the 200 RMB so GPRS is free for me – I don’t pay a penny for it.”

    Cool! Can you give a rough idea of how large a telephone bill one has to run up with China Telecom to get free GPRS effectively?

  7. Where can i download the ICatch (VI) PC Camera drivers from? the link at the top of the page does not work. I need them urgent. Please. Thanks.

  8. For the last few years I have traveled with a webcam, headset, computer, GSM phone with GPS, digital camera, and GPS. I have linked my computer to the phone for access any where. GPS to the computer for road maps (none in china).

    – I love my Sony Vaio 505 since it only weighs 4 lbs and can do mechanical traslation.

    – webcam allows me to talk and see my wife a three young children over the internet.

    – US has finally adopted the GSM system so I have contact anywhere in the worl except Japan.

    – GPS with map lets me know where I’ve been.

    All the above only weighs about 4 kg. Well worth it.

    One question through. T-Mobile here in the US charges outrageous rates for my roaming. Does china mobile have a SIMM card for my GSM phone that will allow about 100 to 300 minutes of mostly international calls?



  9. International calls on mobile phone is too expensive. I suggest you to get some IP cards from the local dealer and use these cards on your mobile.

  10. Your comment: “International calls on mobile phone is too expensive. I suggest you to get some IP cards from the local dealer and use these cards on your mobile.” seems to suggest that you can get an IP card for a GSM phone that will let you place calls using the Internet for free… is that correct?



  11. I am trying to install my icatch(VI) camera.It keeps

    asking for the file SPCA561 SYS’ Where can I find

    the file?I thank you for any help you can provide.My

    e-mail is

  12. plesse hepl me!

    i have stv smartphone, it lock sim!!!!!!!!!

    unlock sim code??????????

  13. I am trying to install my icatch(VI) camera.It keeps

    asking for the file SPCA561 SYS’ Where can I find

    the file?I thank you for any help you can provide.My

    e-mail is

  14. hellooo

    from where can i download the driver for ICatch (VI) PC camera. the link above doesnt work can u please send that to me on or send a working link

    thanks its very urgent

  15. too , I need XP driver for my iCatch (VI) PC Camera as well SPCA561.SYS file.

    plz help me.

    so bye.

  16. i need spca561.sys file fro my x-tech camera. it wroks fine on its software but doesnt work on msn or yahoo

  17. Hi i tried to download the driver for the Icatch webcam but the link doesn’t work.

    Could you put the driver again please?

    Thanks in Advance


  18. I need the file SPCA561.sys and the link on the page won’t work. Can you please help me???? I really appreciate it!!!



  19. I’m installing a camera and I need the spca561.sys driver.

    Could you email it to me?

    Thanks, dangphuong .

  20. Hello

    My camera shows picture movement very slow as we put picture in water and water fluctuating

    and its focus is very big as everyone use computer infront of computer but this camera does not

    shows us clear but our background cleared.why and how i can solve it….?

  21. Wel i have Samsung X600 and it has GPRS on it and my friends phone he downloads every thing for free and hes got gprs aswell and i want to know to get it on my phone

  22. The Links doesnt work for the ICatch-Camera!

    Can you post a new Link please,i need the driver.

  23. I have the same problem with the SPCA561.SYS is it a problem witn the web cam or my winXP? and where can i get it?.

  24. same prob as everyone…whats wrong with this file n where can i find it…thanks for any help…

  25. I found many request for SPCA561.SYS, may be this help

    On Win XP issues with supplied software by “Sunplus – ICatch (VI) PC Camera” are

    Issue 1:- install pgm place SPCA561.SYS file at wrong dir. (I hate all install wizards)

    any way after you run install pgm, run following command on command line

    copy %windir%\system32\drivers\SPCA561.SYS %windir%\system32\SPCA561.SYS

    Issue 2:- Driver dont have XP flag

    This is not a problem, just continue install, it will be fine.

  26. As many others do (obviously) I need the spca561.sys file or whatever. I don’t understand why this isn’t working. Can you please help me and tell me what to do? I don’t know what’s wrong, and I can’t install this stupid camera. Thanks. – Josh

  27. hello all ….for all that need the spca561.sys file all you have to do is type that in the search and it will pull up a website that will allow you to download it but as with the others who are inquiring about the icatch (vi) pc camera as i am …where do we find the driver to get this thing installed….lol…ive been searching all day and this site is not responding to get the driver…i would like to know if anyone has found it and if they can help…thank you and blessings to all!!

  28. please help i have the icatch VI pc camera but have lost the incstallation disk……. ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME WHERE TO DOWNLOAD!!!

  29. i have tried to connect my webcam but it won”t work. it won”t let me connect at all i used the cd rom disk that it came with but it still isn”t working. HELP ME PLEASE

  30. hi i m Spca561.Sys Someone give me tha LInk to download this please!! where do i type in search to find it??? Email me if u have my problem or the link to it Thanks

    with beast regards

    furqan Durrani

  31. Hi …i also have problem in installing the driver of Icatch(vi) Pc camera…and I also need the same .sys file..I tried the soln as provided…%windir%\system32\drivers\SPCA561.SYS %windir%\system32\SPCA561.SYS

    but it also didn’t work…I am win what will be the soln..pls help me

    i wil be grateful

    thanks. my email is

  32. is there anyway i can use my mobile as a webcam if i have it connected to my computer? my mobile is a nokia 6230

  33. HI!! i also need the icatch (VI) PC camera driver as my CD is lost. TT; If you could send me a link or the driver files to my email – I am use windowsXP. please help me ~~

  34. Hi, is it possible to do this the other way round? That is, use the mobile phone video camera function as a webcam? Thanks

  35. I had been trying and trying to make my I Catch {VI} Pc Camera to work since I switched computers. Although it seemed very complicated I didn’t give up ! I simply merged my webcam in with Windows Media player. On previous computer I had no Problem capturing and saving images. I finally got this problem solved. When you search for file Spca561 you will find it in system information right side panel. Look thoroughly though. I ended up running macromedia flash player with my windows media player and it works fine. I had no problem however using webcam with IM’s . Problem solved until I upgrade to Camcorder. Thanks and Good Luck. One more thing you may want to check out Wangjianshuo’s blog. Don’t give up!!!

  36. Everything works fine, i can see the video stream from any desktop platform using windows media player, but IT DOES NOT work with the mibile phone :(

    Maybe i did miss something… what do you enter in your handy and where to connect??? Thank you! Dan

  37. Hi I was able to install the driver for this webcam that everyone on here is using and able to see myself when I open the self view window on Netmeeting but when I connect to other H.323 device my video isn’t sent over to the other person. anyone know why this might be?

    PS: I’m able to record short video clips using the spca program. but just not able to transmit live video.

  38. Hi

    I cannot find a driver for my icatch webcam????? Maybe you can help me

    Thanks in advance

  39. I received an ICatch VI PC camera today and the driver disk does not work. I can view video through Windows Explorer but have no sound. Is there a link for a free driver? Thanks!


  40. I have a Motorola V600. I use Mobile Phone Tools and I connect my mobile phone to my pc using a usb cable. I would like to know if there is a way to use the camera of the mobile phone as webcam.

    Thank you in advance for your answer.

  41. I have an Orange M2000 smart phone here in the UK.

    Is there any software that would allow me to stream the smartphone’s camera via GPRS to the web?

  42. my name is hicham from morocco

    i just buy icatch cam with driver but it seem don t works

    some help me in this matter

    i have a cyber and it s emmergency to works my cam as sooon

    thinks you

    e mail me at

  43. I need Icatch IV web cam driver too. I downloaded and installed p300 driver but it didn’t work. The result was dark and very blurry!!! cannot see anything. please help!!


  44. hola el driver de la camara de la pc se me rayo y no la puedo intalar me gusrtaria volverla a tener si me pueden ayudar se lo agradeseria muchisimo, el cd dice:pctronix.Tambien dice: cyber-eye. Y tambien dice: arcsoft. Muchisimas gracias por su atencion…

  45. hi

    i am ezzat i will be pleased if u send me the software of ICatch(VI)PC Camera

    please send me it on my email

    its very important

    thank u

  46. Good day, Mr. Jian Shuo Wang. I am Lovelle from Philippines. I am a senior IT student. I terribly, terribly, need a helping hand for our thesis. Do you have any idea? Actually, we were thinking of “Mobile phone as Webcam”. But it seems to me that you’ve done it. Please, I beg for your ideas. Thanks very much! God bless!

  47. Hi There;

    I bought a small digital Camera that takes pictures , videos ,audio,..

    It failed or it was too hasty when i installed it on my laptop so it was not done properly

    I can manage to get videos , photos off the memory chip when i connect via USB post

    but the camera fails to work when being used as WebCam Pc-Cam.

    I tried it on another PC and it seems to be fine when I waited long enough for the

    installation to go through.

    The folder says “Sunplus CA533a” or something but then again windows said something about

    ” ICatch(IV) still camera” .

    to cut a long story short I managed to get som edrivers off but that did not


    A partial installation is doen and when i try to do it again it comes up with do you want to uninstall

    and tnen said done but then it does not do it properly …



    remove .NOSPAM when replying via email plz

  48. necesito el driver de la camara ICatch (VI) PC Camera

    el cd con el vino la camara se llama: southlight pc-camera driver

    y tiene una carpeta q’ dice cam-200

    les agradeseria mucho si me lo consiguen gracias

  49. hey i have an icatch vi pc camera and i need software for it. i need an image capture program. i’ve tried numerous ones and non seem compatable with my camera. if anyone can help please respond. my email is thanks

  50. I want to download Webcam Driver i.e ICatch (VI) PC Camera (Driver) but unable to download from the link given link page

    Please let me know some other site to ressolve my problem for the above mention exact driver.


  51. I want to download Webcam Driver i.e ICatch (VI) PC Camera (Driver) but unable to download from the link given link page

    Please let me know some other site to ressolve my problem for the above mention exact driver.


  52. hi for all

    i need driver for web camera model (( havit s-208 ))

    iam sales mane and work in a computers company

    i have about 120 from this cam

    i cant sells it cause it doesnt have driver

    i have big problem so i need help please

    i try to enter to the website of the company which prduce this

    cam but i cant get the right driver

    they put driver for this cam but it doesnt work

    please help to solve this problem and as i write i have a big number from this cam

    thanx for all and hope to find this driver

  53. All I am able to find ONLINE for this one. I do have the FULL CD that came with the cam ($9 Canadian) but I belive it is KOREAN. I sure cant read any of it.

    Included with it was a BURNT cd with some drivers for the “lebeca web camera driver”from “Panwest Corporation” , NO idea if it will work or not.

    Guess thats what ya get for buying a older product huh?

    If you have any luck…. LET ME KNOW…

  54. Even I am interested in some software to be able to use my mobile phone camera as a webcam. I know that streaming would be extremely difficult in that sense … but at least does something exist?


  55. I just need information on how to connect to the internet using GPRS connection.Regarding the following topics : – Connection speed

    – Costs

    – Hardware and software required

    – Availability

    – Coverage

    – Convenience

    – History

    – Direct competition

    – Service provider

    – Future.

    I hope you will send me the information via my Email Address: Thanks

  56. interesting that the photo on your computer screen, does not match that of your mobile phone. you are holding the camera on different angles. also it appears you are holding your camera with your first and second arms, and the phone with your third arm.

    interesting how the camera changes its position as it streams to the phone.. either there is a huge time delay, or one of the devices is showing a still picture, not a streamed webcam.


  57. I just bought a PC Camera and unfortunately I´m joining the group of those who couldn´t make it work… the CD that came along with the camera really doen´t work at all!!! Could anybody tell me where I can find this blessed ICatch (VI) PC Camera software?!?!?! I need somebody to help me ;P

    Thanks so far.

  58. I bought ICatch (VI) PC Camera , but i have the same problem, the cd doesnt work, and the file in ur page it doesnt found, so can u repair this fail?

    THank u !

    Somebody help?? :

  59. I can not find the SPCA561.sys driver. Can anyone help me?

    Thanks in advance


  60. I have an Olivetti WebCam350 K camera. I cannot install it and it gives a warning ” It will uninstall the the driver”.When I click on the warning, nothing happens. Also, I cannot delelte ICatch (VI) PC Camera from the promram files. What should I do to install the camera?

    Thanks for your help….

  61. pls send me xp icatch (vi) pc camera drives i need it cos i am loose the cd including drives


  62. I bought the ICatch (vi) PC Camera, and could not install it properly, can you help me? I have windows 98 second edition.

  63. If anyone out there has a driver for icatch V5 web cam as my cd arrived broken in the post, I would be very greatfull, please E-MAIL me to ( )Thank You. win xp

  64. If anyone out there has an xp driver for icatch V5 web cam as my cd arrived broken in the post, I would be very greatfull, please send it to ( )Thank You.

  65. i need the software for Icatch (VI), is keep asking me for the file but i dont have it, can you please help me????????my email address is

    my driver cd is broken can sir u help me by sending the software and drivers at my yahoo mail

    thanks and regards


  66. I have an olivetti WebCam350 K camera. When I click WebEye.It appear only blank and only file,tool,help.

    I use Windows xp. What should I do to install the camera?

    Thanks in advance.

  67. hi to all

    i need driver for my (**************) web cam (icatch vi pc camera) plz if any one have this drive just attach it to my email and thanx to all , love u all

  68. Hi! I know that it is possible to use the mobile camera as a web cam, but I can’t fine necessary programs. I have Samsung E730, Can someone help me? Write me plz! THANKS

  69. Hi! I know that it is possible to use the mobile camera as a web cam, but I can’t find necessary programs. I have Samsung E730, Can someone help me? Write me plz! THANKS

  70. I purchased Icatch Pc Cam207, but its asking the proper driver. The driver came with the camera not good at all. Please let me knowl anyone knows where to download the above Pc cam driver. Thanx

  71. plz give me an intaller or driver for my recently bought ICatch (VI) pc camera…i lost the CD.. tnx

    send it to me i need my camera..

  72. I bought a digital pc camera XTech and the CD that this device brought its damage or not saved. What site can I use to download the software to install the camara.

    Thanks, Yahayra -Guatemala City.

  73. hi i m irfan khan i have my mercury webcam but i had lost the cd of its driver i need a driver of mercury cc120 if some one have the driver please email me is my email address thanks for reading my message.

  74. hi!i am Fahad i need a drivers of Havit PC color camera if any 1 have them plz send me hurry i will be very thanks full to u

    THANKS love and hugs to all of YOUUU



  75. I’m installing a camera and I need the spca561.sys driver (like a lot of others it seems). Could you email it to me?


  76. My camera shows the picture like is in the water and fluctuating but this camera image does not shows us a 100% clear it show us with lines…in movement …like it was an old TV… but our background cleared.why is that??? and how I can solve it….the same thing happens to someone How is the image???

  77. i have webcam of mercury company but i have lost driver of it,one cd is with me where it is written some numbers.these are

    S/N 78302-94000-99901331 of Ulead system

    95-000-30101v1.0 application software

    how can i find the driver


  78. I am looking for help from someone who is familiar with Windows smartphone and China Mobile GPRS data connections.

    Can someone Email me what there phone has setup for these settings

    Start – Settings – DataConnection

    Internet Connection: ???

    Work Connection: ???

    WAP Connection: ???

    Secure WAP Connection: ???

    WAP Proxy: ???

    MMS NEtwork: ???

    Secure Wap Proxy: ???

    Menu – Connections – Edit Each Category

    Dial-up Connections


    VPN Connections


    Proxy Connections

    NAME: ???

    Connects From: ???

    Connects To: ???

    Proxy: ???

    Type: ???

    Username: ???

    Password: ???

    GPRS Connections

    Name: ???

    Connects TO: ???

    Access Point: ???

    Username: ???

    Password: ???

    Primary DNS: ???

    Secondary DNS: ???

    IP Address: ???

    No one seems to be able to help me or understand what i am looking for.

  79. Hey . . . !

    PLEASE send me the Driver for the ” Icatch (vi) pc camera ”

    im going crazy here :( … i treid every Link – Nothing worked

    My mail:

    it is very importent … i’m waiting…


  80. do you need hepl with your Icatch VI webcam, well i’ve got the answer, just get a spanish dictionary, ok?

    primero el problema es que el driver no maneja certificado para windows, eso significa que la compañia no pago el persimo para llevar el lugo, si se fijan no hay ningun logo en la caja ni en las instrucciones, el cual debería estar ahi. Bueno, actually es pretty simple. Solo has click en Start, ve a MY PC, has click con el botón SECUNDARIO, y metete a PROPIEDADES. Asegurate de haber conectado la camara a la entrada USB. ok? bien. En propiedades, metete al menu HARDWARE, donde aparece el boton FIRMA DE CONTROLADORES en ADMINISTRADOR DE DISPOSITIVOS, bueno, entra a esa opcion de firmas. Te aparecera una ventanita que dice, opciones de firma de controlador, elige la opcion que dice instalar el software sin pedir aprovación y aceptar. Ahora ve a administrador de dispositivos, a un lado de firma de controladores. En dispositivos de imágenes aparece que está conectada la cámara, dale click al ícono de la cam Icatch VI, y elige HABILITAR. Ahora todo loq ue tienes que hacer es volver a instalar el disco, solo el driver de preferencia, los presto no se necesitan y son una pérdida de tiempo. Durante la instalación tal vez te pida el archivo SPCA561. que nov iene en el disco, yo lo baje con BearShare, menos de un minuto. Solo continuas, si te pide otro archivo PSCA587 yo creo… escoje continuar sin ese archivo, no sirve para nada. Te indicara que la instalacion esta lista. Y es todo, espero haberlos ayudado.

    Saludos desde Tijuana! Tierra de Técnicos!

    Se me olvidaba, si por alguna razón perdieron el disco, pueden bajarlo en

  81. To those of you who want to stream your cam from a web site, here is the code. Put this code into your HTML page, and change the file name value and source value. This points the player to your computer. Happy cams!

  82. I am trying to install my icatch(VI) camera.It keeps

    asking for the file SPCA561 SYS’ Where can I find

    the file?I thank you for any help you can provide.My

    e-mail is

  83. c’mon. dont be so pendehos! just continue without the file, i did so, and i do have to software working correctly.

  84. HI!! i also need the icatch (VI) PC camera driver as my CD is lost. TT; If you could send me a link or the driver files to my email .. I am use windowsXP. please help me

  85. Hi I download the ICatch (VI) PC Camera from CD.

    i installed it and it says now “sorry you have no video capture hardware.”

    my system is Windows XP.

    pease help meeee :(

  86. hi i need help to down load a spca561 file to my pc so i can use the camer i have so plz if u can email me how i can get that or h to download it ,,


  87. I have a Chinese webcam and I don’t have driver for it, I have been searching the driver on the internet for a long time and don’t find it

    when I’m online, from device manager I updating my webcam driver which is not working … and it seem that my computer look it from the internet and found it …

    I hope it can help u guys, bytheway I’m using XP operating system

  88. Hello my name is Caitlyn. and i have just purchased a cyberpix camera from Walmart the other day. and i was pretty new at all this stuff. well it has an option on it to send webcam. they call it video conferencing. well when i do wut it says on the instructions. to plug the usb connection from the camera to the computer nothing detects that i have done that. so nothing pops up so i can go thru the process to set it all up. Im so confused right now. so can YOU PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE EMAIL ME BACK ASAP WITH SOME HELP.

    Thank you very much.


  89. i want to download web cam to my computer,my web cam model is INTEX PC Camera 100k,plz send me driver to download the web cam

  90. i want to download web cam to my computer,my web cam model is INTEX PC WEBCAM IT-104 WC,plz send me driver to download the web cam

  91. i want to download web cam to my computer,my web cam model is INTEX PC WEBCAM IT-104 WC,plz send me driver to download the web cam

  92. hi..i really need a driver for my webcam.its a Havit and the model number is 3806R…its written on the camera….or its 2006…as written on the box…..plz send me a link where i can download the driver…i have lost the installation cd….so i need it pretty bad….thanx a lot..

  93. i am from nigeria.i need a good GSM phone with video,webcam and camera facilities.


  94. i am having o2 xda II .i want to use the phone as webcam any body please help to use my mobile as webcam.

  95. Hi everyone.i just bought my intex cam and unluckly i lose my CD to install it.please if someone know a software which can help me to install and use it tell me or send me the link to my e-mail .thank you for all you would do for me

  96. For Windows Mobile there is Mobiola Web Camera application that makes webcam from your smartphone or PDA out of the box. Just install it and use.

  97. i have Icatch (VI) pc camera,drivers are available in my cd, but i cannot capture my picture in pc , no application files in my pc,so any body help me to send that software to my mail id

    i hope anybody help me,


  98. Dear Sir,

    I have purchased china mobile in that i can use that one as webcam. So i would like to connect with my PC to chat through yahoo to my family. Please advise me to download drivers for the same.



  99. i need to install my intex pc webcam it-104 wc.i reinstore my system and forgot to bring my cd from home.

    will be glad to hear from you now

  100. This is really cool, I can set my webcam up and watch my baby play while I am at work, but what about gprs service with audio being rouighly 6kb a second, video must use much more and China Mobile both only have limited data plans which at their most expensive run 200rmb for 3 gigs. any suggestions on how to get cheaper internet for cell phones in Shanghai. Thanks, and I love this blog, I will be a frequent visitor.


  101. hi,

    i am having icatch pc camera, but its not working and asking for the driver.

    it would be great help if u can mail me the driver or the link for the same as early as possible

  102. Hi, i also got that webcam, but i cant find my drivers. Do u have them or do u know a link where i can get them.

    Feel free to mail me, make subject: “WEBCAM HELP”

    Please help me ;)

  103. I was looking for ZBERG webcam driver and the search page brought me here. Acutually it is the only page which lists that cam. Sorry to find that so many people are asking for the driver but we do not have it here.

  104. I lost my cd for installing my webcam ‘panwest -PD2F39026819’.Please send me the needed software to install it in my pc

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