Taxi Dropped into River, Killing People

Dead road, incorrect sign and poor lighting condition caused a taxi to drive directly into a deep river. Number of people kill still not clear. Shanghai Evening Post reported the astonishing news.

Image courtesy: Shanghai Evening Post. Photographed by Jian Shuo Wang

Dead Road

The accident happens in Baoshan, Shanghai. The road directly leads to the 60-meter wide river. There is any dence or sign. The road just stops there, according to the same source.

The Wrong Sign

On the right, the traffic sign clearly marked “Going forwad, 29 KM to Shanghai. Turning Right, 11 KM to Jiading”. It is partly true. Shanghai is 29 KM ahead – but on the other side the river. Death is only 600 meters ahead.

Number of People Killed Unknow

According to one witness, they heard one man and one woman shoutting from the river. Others believe there should be four adults and one child. The car was pulled out 16 hours after the accident with door open. No victims are not found yet.


There are many misleading signs in the city. Any of them may be the next cause for accidents like this. Most of them are usability problems. I drove around Pudong Airport just to find out the parking entrance, but failed after 30 minutes – what a design.

I hope some miracle happens to the driver and the passengers. Hope they may find ways to escape, just like Arnold Schwarzenegger escaped in the film True Lie.

Meanwhile, I have to ask who is responsible for the signs in the city and why the dead road is there without any fence?

2 thoughts on “Taxi Dropped into River, Killing People

  1. Who setup this sign should be responsible partly for the accident I think?

    Does anyone know who designed them?

    Hope these kind of tragedy never happens in Shanghai again!

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