First Contributor for MyBusStop

Bill Qiu is the first person to take a picture of a bus stop in the My City, My Bus Stop Project. He took a picture of LuoYangErCun

Image courtesy of Billy Qiu, Wangjianshuo’s MyBusStop Project

Well done. The system still need to be built – the idea itself is not good enough to support the community effort – if the geek Billy cannot find out good way to add a new route of 703B, I guess no one in the world can do it. So Wiki is not the final solution, at least now, when the idea of Wiki is not popular. Yes. You can directly click the link on the bottom left corner of a page to modify any page.

If it is the first time for your to experience Wiki, you will be shocked after you click the Save button. I was when I first edited a Wiki site — my eyes opened big and my mouth also opened widely to see my modification is REALLY saved. Hehe.

Went Skiiing

I went skiing with Daisy, Alex and Xia yesterday. It was quite long before we got together. We went to McDonald at Xinzhuang Metro Station. The McDonald hot soup looks good. I took a picture. But the Big Mac is really jerk.

© Jian Shuo Wang

Looks better

Compared to the same site in October, 2002, it looks better. The blue back drop on both side decorated the site very well and the higher area’s construction is complete. So it is a full featured site already.

Looking above from lowest field. The run way is divided into three areas. The lowest, at an angle of aboug 15° is for juniors. The middle is about 20° and the highest part is almost 30 °, I guess. full.view-bottom.up.jpg

© Jian Shuo Wang

People learning skiing.

© Jian Shuo Wang sticks.jpg

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

It is super cool to rush down from the second field down to the end of the run way. Haha. The ticket price turned out to be 138 RMB for two hours and 98 RMB for one hour. The site closes at around 10:30. The 125 RMB for unlimited time option is only avialable on Friday and Saturday after 7:30 PM…..

11 thoughts on “First Contributor for MyBusStop

  1. I stumbled upon this site while looking for web sites about people and events in Shanghai (I am a Shanghai-born American :-).

    Wow. I can’t believe China has *indoor* skiing center; the only skiing place I went was somewhere in Pennsylvania (a long time ago), and the skiing place in China looks much better. How far is this place from Shanghai? (I’m thinking of going there next time I come to Shanghai, haha).

  2. An indoor ski arena — how totally cool! (and literally cold, most likely) Looks like lots of fun, Jian Shuo. I especially like the “scenery”. What a great idea!

  3. Did they have all of the lifts operational last time you went? When I was there several weeks ago, you had to walk up to the top slope with your skis in hand.. Very tiring!!!! :)

  4. Andrew, the bad news is, they havn’t fix it yet. The fist slop (for beginners) has elevator but the intermediate and advanced slop don’t have elevator now. We carried our skis in hand to go up – yes. very tiring.

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