Wendy is Back from Europe

Wendy is back from her Europe trip. It seemed a nice trip except she was really starving there. We rushed to her favorite restaurant as soon as she got out of the plane. The black bread there seemed not good for her. :-D

Her Europe travelogue has been published on this site. It is in Chinese but the pictures will tell more than characters.

Nice Pictures

Among all the pictures she took, I like these three most.



Photographer: Wendy

X’mas gift shop. I have decided to use this photo as my Christmas card to my friends.


Photographer: Wendy Fan

Wow. I never saw Wendy with such a big cup of beer – black beer!


Photographer: Wendy Fan

See more pictures at her own Blog.

6 thoughts on “Wendy is Back from Europe

  1. Looks like she had a grand adventure over there, and I’m sure you were very happy to have her home again just in time for Christmas :-)

  2. I am interested in Wendy’s pictures of Germany. I worked in Munich many years ago. Unlike Wendy I like German food – especially black bread — it goes well with beer!

    But I like most Chinese food also!

    Happy Christmas!

    I am visiting Shanghai, Hunan, Guilin and Yunnan at Chinese New Year!





  3. Chinese food is very diiferent than the Europe food – maybe the Europe food is relatively easy and simple. The Chinese food are complicated to cook and with much oil. But it tastes good for people in China. Personally, I am very interested to try some black bread in the future.

    Guilin and Yun Nan are definitely very good place for the scenery. Shanghai is the symbolic city for the modernlization of China. Enjoy your trip.

  4. Just a note: There doesn’t exist “European cuisine” as well as there doesn’t exist “Chinese cuisine”. There are much more different cuisines in Europe than there are European countries! What Wendy probably tried is Bavarian Cuisine which tends to be pretty “simple” indeed (as you call it). It’s rather fatty and therefore, most people don’t like it too much. Other European cuisines people usually don’t like are those of the northern countries (most foods are sweetened) and those of the eastern countries (generally bad quality). British food is awful too as you might agree (Brits just can’t cook). The rest is nice usually. Of course this is a generalization.

    Particularly French Haute Cuisine (“Nouvelle Cuisine”) isn’t simple at all. In fact, it’s much more difficult to cook than any Chinese dish I ever tasted when I was in China (everywhere except Western China). And I’ve eaten both at very cheap places like food-stalls but also at expensive top-end restaurants. I really like many Chinese dishes (not all of them, for example I don’t eat any snakes, turtles, dogs and such). The quality of the source products however greatly differs in the different regions in China. I found out that most restaurants in luxury hotels in PRC are overpriced and don’t offer good quality Chinese dishes (hence are bad value). The best food is usually served where the local people eat.

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