Friend is Sick. Please Show Your Support

I heard one of my friends Flora is very ill and needs a kidney transplant. Actually, I met with her only once at a dinner party before. She gave me very good impression. We talked about joining the exam for a Tour Guide’s License at that time. It seemed the promising life was long long ahead…

Now she is in hospital and waiting for a compatible kidney to be transplanted. The chance is not high. The risk of the operation is still high, not to mention the cost – it is much higher than any normal Chinese family can afford.

I am not a doctor and don’t know if ther is anything I can be of help. Is there any kidney information database on the Internet?

Christmas is coming. During this happy time, I don’t want her to stay in hospital and face the terrible disease alone. Her mood is not very good. I saw that from her SMS to Danny: “Actually it can’t recover, best situation is keep living”.

I hope my readers join me to pray for her and leave a short message greeting her and encouraging her. You can post either at the original website or on my site under this entry. I will help Danny collect all your post and send to her hospital so she know many people are supporting her.

The Original Message

Here is what Danny’s posted on the website of I am quoting it under the author’s permission.

One of my close friend FLORA is very ill and needs a kidney transplant. So far, a replacement kidney has not been found. Even if a compatible kidney is found and operation is successful, she faces a big challenge ahead in ongoing treatment. Not to mention the high cost of such an operation.

She is only in her twenties and she is such a friendly and beautiful person. Always full of life, smiles and a charming personality.

Please show your support for her.

I would like to collect your warm wishes for her here. Just a prayer for her would be such a nice gesture. Or you can reply a short message here to FLORA and I’ll collect them for her and make sure she gets your warm greetings at the hospital.



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Best wishes to Flora and Have a Merry Christmas!

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  1. Jian Shuo, the daughter of one of our very good friends here had a kidney transplant when she was in her 20’s, and is now a healthy and productive 30-something-year-old young woman, with a long-term boyfriend and a very good life. I will contact them and ask them to find out if their daughter would be willing to write to Flora and give her some encouragement. If you can imagine, she met the young woman who later became her kidney donor, in an elevator on the way to a doctor’s appointment! They had never met before, but something about the encounter sparked a willingness to make such an incredible gift to a virtual stranger. So, yes…near-miracles do happen! We will hope for the best for Flora, and I will let you know when I can get in touch with our friends.

  2. I would like to wish Flora a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Find the courage to fulfill your passion and dreams in spite of the barriers. Best wishes, good health.

  3. Carroll, it is a very encouraging story that the girl you mentioned recovered completely afte the kidney transplant. I feel the situation will be much better. I believe Flora will be very encouraged to know the story. Miracles will happen. We need to believe in that. Thanks for your story.

    Thanks also goes to everyone who posted your wishes to Flora. I will make sure your words reach her….

  4. My friend now has your e-mail address, and will pass it on to his daughter who he feels sure will respond with some encouragement for Flora. In the meantime, please tell her that several people in California are streaming our most caring thoughts in her direction! Here’s to good health, for her in the New Year!

  5. I did 5 years of surgery after my medical school and post-graduate training. As far as I know, kidney transplantation is most stable and cost-effective organ transplantation with the highest post-operative survival rate, in China. I know in HangZhou, even early in 1991, in my hospital there were already hundreds patients under out-patient clinic follow-up, that means they had transplantation and they are still healthy. So, technically, FLORA should not worry too much, here is my best wish and Merry Christmas greeting from another Chinese folk living in cold, flu-troubled Europe, :-)

  6. Zhang, thanks very much for your professional information. It will give great encouragement for Flora. I will help to pass your information to Flora. Do you know how to find a match for her?

  7. The organ match usually is organized by the hospital, but as properbly you already know that there is always a long waiting list for the donor. Patients with renal falure live on hemodialysis for sometime until she/he get a donor who has the same so-called HLA type, this process takes quite long. I don’t know if it is possible for Flora to find her own donor and has her operation done some other place in China, but she can try, and other friends also can help. Wish her good luck and spirit.

    Here is one reference:

  8. i just want Flora to know that there are lots of people here in this part of our world(Guyana, South America)who are thinking about her and wishing her lots of happiness….we have her in our prayers….

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  10. I pray that the Lord will give Flora healing and peace. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  11. my friend told me that he is sick, i want to wish him well but i don’t know what exactly i should say &i want to do it via sms i don’t want to call him ’cause i might be speachless.

    please help me i need your help now


  12. or some people, receiving a kidney transplant may be the right option. Success of a kidney transplant depends on multiple factors, including whether the underlying cause of the kidney damage is still present, and general state of health of the person receiving the transplant.A kidney transplant is an operation performed by a transplant surgeon in which a healthy kidney from another person is placed into your body.

  13. I have a very sick friend who has 3 brain aneurysms. She had bleeding into the brain Fri and Sat had 11 coils placed in her brain. SHe will be in Neuro ICU for at least 3 weeks. I am very worried, and would appreciate prayers for Michelle!!

  14. may i know what is about flora now? i just prayer for her, hopes everything fine on her..

  15. I decree by the Power in the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ that the spirit of divine healing abide with everyone in distress in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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