Dopod 515 – SmartPhone in China

I used 1300 RMB to exchanged a SmartPhone Dopod 515. It is maybe the first SmartPhone on the market. The listed price seemed to be 4000+ RMB. This is the promption from Shanghai Mobile that people can exchange a mobile with the credit points and promise to consume certain level of communication fee in the next one year or two.

I didn’t spend time to research on the phone yet, but the camera feature of the phone is really good. To be continued on this topic.

14 thoughts on “Dopod 515 – SmartPhone in China

  1. I too purhcased a Dopod 515 while in China last week for Computex – Catch is that it didn’t come with a camera??!? Did everyone else get their Dopod WITH the camera or was it optional!?

  2. Can you tell me where to sign up for this phone at such low price? I too am very interested in getting one.


  3. Hi,I was wondersing how I can change all the menus to English…any help would appreciated

    thank you


  4. Hey guys, can you help me to find a dealer address, Email and phone no. where he can suply me with 25,000 pieaces of Dopod 686. mail me at I am from India. I tryed contacting dopod but it was useless no respond from them.

    thanks and cheers


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