Traveled to Beijing with China Eastern Airlines

I believe the transportation between Shanghai and Beijing should be busiest in China. Taking me as an example, almost 2/3 of my travel desitniation is Beijing – maybe it only reflects the importance of Beijing, since it may be the same for people in cities like Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

I just checked the flight schedule and found it amazing that how frequent the flights are. The China Eastern Airlines (MU) alone operates hourly flight to Beijing from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM:

MU5101	8:00	10:00

MU5103	9:00	11:00

MU5105	10:00	12:00

MU5107	11:00	13:00

MU2579	11:35	13:40

MU5109	12:00	14:00

MU5111	13:00	14:50

MU2577	13:50	15:50

MU5113	14:00	16:10

MU5115	15:00	17:00

MU5117	16:00	17:55

MU5119	17:00	19:00

MU5121	18:00	20:00

Air China also offers a lot of flights from Shanghai to Beijing.

CA1590		8:55	10:55

CA1502		11:30	13:30

CA1520		12:45	14:40

CA1558		14:25	16:25

CA1518		16:10	18:10

CA1516		18:10	20:10

CA1856		19:25	21:25

CA1550		21:05	23:00

I am one of the passenger on the flight MU5119 – maybe this is the third time I took this flight, not sure.

Comparing Shanghai and Beijing

I got email from Christina today asking about which city I will recommend if she comes to China.

====Original Message===

Sent: Sunday, September 07, 2003 10:40 AM

To: Jian Shuo Wang

Subject: Possible Trip To Shanghai China in December 2003 – January 2004

We are going to travel to China this coming December!!! Another good friend from Shanghai, Shexi Bouvier, told me that we should definitely travel to Shanghai, rather than Hong Kong or Beijing!!! Is this true???

It appears thta you have much information about Shanghai. Please advise if you can provide us with some good advice – both about China in general & Shanghai in particular!!!!

Thank you very much,


It is not easy to answer. Actually, it is very good to visit Shanghai. I will definitely suggest you to come.

What do you want about my suggestions? I have posted all the topics I think may be interesting to my website and I’d like to see what do you want. It will help me or other readers if you prepare a questionnaire about what you want to know more about China or Shanghai and I promise I will answer all the questions to be best of my knowledge and posted on my site – with credit for you.

For example, I am interested to travel to Washington DC and what would you describe about the city? It may not be easy to answer.

Well. I think Beijing is a must-see city in China, not Shanghai. Shanghai is the best place to live for foreigners since it is similar with other large cities like SFO. But Beijing is so different…


Jian Shuo Wang

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  1. I live in Beijing, I sure that Beijing is not the very pretty city to work and live in, although she is so development and beautiful. This is caused by the weather and geographical position, may be the government policy is one of the important reason.

    But Beijing is the must-see city in china as you said. I commend some place to your friend. Summer Palace/Imperial Palace/Great Wall/Tian an men Square, for plus, ShiChaHai and HuTong Travel is not a bad choice to understand Beijing’s culture.

  2. I agree with you Wang Zhe that the Summer Palace, Imperial Palace, Great Wall and Tian An Men Square are must-see places.

    Beijing is an amazing city – like the sofa in my own home – let people feel relax while Shanghai looks like the sofa in other’s home. :-)

  3. i should say it’s so nice to read so many good articles.since i’m working in shanghai now,of course i’ll suggest you to come to shanghai,it’s really a nice place.but it’s getting cold,when you come,don’t forget to bring more warm clothes.

    i like travelling,i think if i have travel plan,i’ll go to those places which you pointed out.

    with best regards!

    Emy Li Min

  4. Exactly. Shanghai is getting cold! Very cold. Exactly like in winter now. I made my way from the People’s Square station to the Tomorrow Square. The short 10 minutes walk really made me crazy. It was so cold.






  6. Hi there

    I am arriving in Shanghai as a stopover for two days on the 5th Jan. I would really like to see part of the Great Wall and know that I would need to fly probably to Beijing. Is this possible in the time frame? Would you know the cost or tours if available please.

    Thanking you


  7. Ursula, ni hao!

    >I am arriving in Shanghai as a stopover for two days on the 5th Jan. I would really like to see

    >part of the Great Wall and know that I would need to fly probably to Beijing. Is this possible in

    >the time frame? Would you know the cost or tours if available please.

    Difficult in that timeframe, especially if you do not know too much about China and probably Chinese.

    I recently took a guided tour (English and Chinese) from Beijing to the Great Wall (which usually goes to Badaling which is the most crowded part of it and later also visits the Ming Tombs and includes a Lunch). This is a full day tour (takes off very early in the morning from the Hotel (7:00)and comes back to the hotel around 19:00).The price of that tour was 240 RMB and included most entrance fees and the lunch. However, in your timeframe you probably can not get on it.

    Flying Beijing-Shanghai (or back) takes about 1:50 (if not delayed, beware!), I bought such a ticket in Beijing recently for ~ 750 RMB (one trip), my very first experience buying a ticket in Beijing mostly using Chinese! To the above time you will have to add the times to get from the airports to the respectice city centers or bus stations, about 30-45 min on both sides and the extra recommended time to get to and through the gates (30 min – 1 hour?)

    I know there are a lot of (public) buses that directly go to the Great Wall from some Station in Beijing, I plan to use one of those next time I get there, but this way you will have no guide with you and you will need thorough planing to get it done in your timeframe, especially when using those public buses you better know some Chinese.

    Maybe somebody can fill in “the blanks”? Maybe some travel agency offers such a quick tour?

    Beijing is simply too far from Shanghai!


  8. Ursula, I’m a foreigner, working in shanghai. I have never been to Beijing, even I have lived in Shanghai for quite a long time now. I don’t miss to see The Great Wall (or anything else) in Beijing.

    BUT – there are so many other things to see in China. Try to watch – THE REAL PEOPLE !

    The present scenery will change shortly, so the things we see now will be lost.

    NOW it’s only money that counts in China, but some here still lives according to human rules, that means that thier family and and common relationships are valued !

    Go and see THIS. That’s the real attraction of China now.

    The Wall will be there a long time, no worries about that.

    I’m riding the Shanghai Metro almost every day, and mostly for more than 2 hours.

    Watching the chinese PEOPLE there is just great !

    The “car people ” here wants to maintain some distance to others, sadly said.

    (Sorry Jianshuo – I have seen too many rude drivers now).

    In fact, I feel lucky to have so intimate contact with the people here,

    and I meet many kind people every day !

    Ursula, I don’t know where you come from, but don’t care so much for the Wall, it can be sen from outer space, and it will be there even after you’ve passed away.

    Look for the human values here, before they change.

    If this is not your idea to do so on your short trip,

    then relax and come here. See the city of Shanghai in all its diversity !

  9. China Eastern Airlines has a UK office. This may not be very convenient for those desperately in need of a China number now, but perhaps it will be helpful in the future.

    We have a special London Shanghai London for 270 pounds, and can sell internal flights too.

    Hope this helps, sorry you’ve had bad luck getting in touch with China Eastern in China

  10. I am to deliver a talk at a symposium at Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, end October, would like to know

    *Mumbai – hangzhou- Mumbai (india) travel logistics

    *Beijing visit and rough lodging, sightseeing estimates

    *Best deals, as this will be a self-financed visit.

    *Climate in Zhejiang and Beijing

    *Safety issues to be kept in mind

    Look forward to a travel agency helping me with this advice

  11. Hello,

    I plan to travel to a beijing on 15th July. Can u kindly suggest economical airline from Mumbai -beijing-Mumbai.

    Is it preferable to travel from shenzhen to beijing by train in this season or from shanghai to beijing by train.

    Lastly, Internation Students Identity Card, will it be helpful for getting discount on air tickets for internal travel by air & by train.

    It will be kind of you to have an early reply.

  12. Actually I have a seminer in Shanghai in the banner of ICAS-4 to be held from August 20-24.I am in need of hotel with quality but cheap in cost.I am worried what will be the temperature at that time ? What will be the air fare from Bangladesh by China Estern Air

  13. Can I get China Eastern address and telephone number at Tanjin as well as Mumbai- India, I need some information regarding the cancellation of my bookings MU 5146 on 10th August 2005.

  14. Shanghai to Beijing August 11 on an MU flight with ETD 1400 hours. When I arrived at the gate, sign said delay until 1415 hours. No big deal, right? At about 1345 the gate area began to fill up. BIG crowd. Plane arrived shortly and watched passengers depart. 1420 no announcement. 1430 nothing. Soon a MU employee announced in Chinese that further delay because the cockpit crew was not here. Say WHAT????

    1445 another announcement in Chinese (I don’t speak, just got a translation from a Chinese passenger). The other flight which was to depart at 1500 was cancelled and they will merge the two flights. All passengers on the 1400 flight will be issued new boarding passes. Flight crew arrives and a passenger makes some remark to them in Chinese. The captain takes exception to the remark and others had to restrain him from going after the man who made what was obviously a despariging remark.

    Flight finally departed at 1530 and arrived in BJ 1715.

    I am 189 cm tall (6′ 3″) and always book an aisle seat but of course my new boarding pass was a middle seat.

    My opinion is that China Eastern sux. Really poorly handled deal.

  15. hello, i will go on holiday to SHANGHAI and then proceed to BEIJING this comming october ’05. can anybody HELP me find the cheapest airlines and its respective schedules?

  16. Hi, I am flying via Shanghai to Australia on the 23 September. Spending a night in Shanghai and will have about 6 hours the next day in the city. What sights and places can one visit in that time? What are the travel costs. Any tips would be useful.


  17. Hi,

    Im planning to go to Shanghai this november. Im here in malaysia and i need information on cheap airfare to Shanghai.Thanks.

  18. Hiya

    Anyone travelling to Shanghi on the China Eastern Airlines on 22 Sept? I’m looking for either a couple or other single people who will be interested in doing a tour of Shanghi in the evening of the 23rd. This is coz I’m travelling alone and think it will be safer to do a night trip with a other people travelling.


  19. can you give me the telephone number of chine eastern is spain????

    it is very urgent


  20. Hi,

    I need to know if there are flights (and their schedule) from Shanghai to Beijing on November 2, 2005 and flights from Beijing to Shanghai on November 8, 2005. Please include the fare. Thank you

  21. I will be traveling from Shanghai to Beijing for a return flight to the United States in March. There are flights on China Eastern and Shanghai Airlines. Is one airline preferable? I see negative comments about China Eastern, but no mention of Shanghai Airlines…

  22. Please I urgently need to get a cheap 1 way ticket from

    Beijing to Mumbai India budget cheap ticket what can you arrange for me 2 people October 9 or 10



  23. Please I urgently need to get a cheap Return ticket from

    Bangladesh -Beijing to Pusan (South Korea) budget cheap ticket what can you arrange for me 2 people (Adult) March 12 or 15



  24. Please try No one on this forum can provide help on booking ticket … There is a huge demand, and I guess someone may get interested to monitor the forum, and reply to these request. But seems no such guy as readers now.

  25. Hi Friends,

    I have to you a great request: Can you give me the addresses ( postmail and e-mails [especially] of China Eastern Airlines in Brussels, madrid and Moscow.

    Very many thanks for this.

    I send you a special greeting from Wroclaw, the main town in Lower Silesia in Poland.

  26. On a recent trip from Los Angeles to Shanghai and then from Shanghai to Beijing, could you advise the mileage between LA and Shanghai and then from Shanghai to Beijing? We do not have frequent flyer mileage set up for China Eastern.

    Thank you…

  27. Im currently here in Pudong Shanghai and I’m going to Beijing this Saturday for two days and i have purchased a train ticket to go there but i prefer to take the plane to go back to Pudong. can you advise me where I can get the cheapest plane ticket for Beijing to Shanghai trip ? kindly advise a travel agency here in Pudong to purchase the ticket. this will help me a lot to save time travelling.

  28. Auto shops in Shanghai: can you advise me where i can buy those cheap car stereos with dvd player here in Shanghai? i searched the net i found those manufacturers of car audio systems are situated in Guangdong. are there distributors here in SHanghai where I can buy those in cheap proces?

  29. Hello,

    I plan to travel to a beijing with family on 15th August. Can u kindly suggest economical airline from Mumbai -beijing-Mumbai.


    *Mumbai – Beijing travel logistics

    *Beijing visit and rough lodging, sightseeing estimates

    *Best deals, as this will be a self-financed visit.

    *Climate in Beijing

    *Safety issues to be kept in mind


  30. Help! Anyone knows the telephone number, address of China Eastern Airline in the Los Angeles Area.

    We are going to be passengers on China Eastern from Los Angeles to Beijing and would like to get some information from them, but . . . impossible to contact. Their Web Page doea not work. Help! And many thanks for directions. Anthony. August 12, 2006

  31. Hey Anthony, I was trying to look for the same thing when I stumbled onto this page. We too are scheduled to fly China Eastern Air to Beijing wanting to check the correct terminal, seating, and what they are requiring in lew of the new security measures. I found a couple of numbers for LAX 626-583-1500; 310-649-3994. I haven’t called yet. Hope it helps. Kathy August 13, 2006

  32. sir

    i am a senor journalist of bangladeshi daily . i am very much interested to see cuming of china. in childhood i am very much interested about china. i and another two journalist from different daily wantto see cuming. i want to know about flight shedule from bangladesh to cuming . can i get any favour as a journalist.take care


  33. i wanna go to Zhongshan, Guangdon province from Dhaka, Bangladesh. But now with hongkong road is not suitable. So from dhaka with using which road i can be there safely with your China Eastern Airlines.

    Also provide us the details contact of Dhaka office.

    Its urgent.

    Thank you


    Cell : 880-152390212

  34. Hello

    I am basically from Mumbai, India and working at Beijing, China. I want to Visit to Mumbai in Jun 2007 and looking for direct flights to Mumbai from Beijing if any. or from Hongkong to Mumbai if any.

    It will be great help to me .



  35. How can I contact China Eastern in the United States? We have an employee that had his airline ticket (paper) stolen while in Shanghai. I need to contact them regarding a lost ticket application and also a return replacement ticket. He is returning from Shanghai to LAX on 19Jun07.

    Thanks for your help,

    Charleen Brown


  36. Hi there,

    Could you please advice me are there any direct flights from Beijing to Mumbai. If yes, please advice me which airline and what is the airfare. I’m planning to make a trip to Mumbai.

    Thank you very much.

  37. Hi,

    Im flying in china eastern from LAX to shangai next week. I bought my ticket in a travel agency. I’m mexican and when I bought my ticket I just gave my first and last name because always I buy it like that when I go to USA. My mexican passport have my first and middle name and first and second last name.

    Im worried about having problem in my returing flight from Shanghai to Los Angeles. Does anybody Know if they are very estrict about checking the names .

    Or if anybody is been in the same situation like me. please let me know. I need help urgent.

    thanks very much.

  38. Hi,

    I am planning to go to Beijing in mid Nov. I heard that the wind and dust is really bad from Nov to Jan and I have been told not to go there at all. Would you please advise

  39. @SK, it is partly true. Generally speaking, Oct is the best time, and Nov to Jan there are chances for sand storm (with sand in storm). If it comes, it is really bad, but it is just as any storm – comes occasionally, and you can bet your luck.

    Winter in Beijing is still charming for me, especially when it is still at the end of Autumn. However, everyone is different, and depend on where you are from, you may like it or think it is too bad.

    I don’t have specific suggestion for you, just because everyone is different. If I were you, I may give it a try.





  41. I want to reconfirm my flight with China Eastern which is on SUnday.

    Today is Saturday and it seems all offices except their one in Shanghai are closed. Their Shanghai number is a toll-free one and I cannot call it from the UK.

    Result: I cannot reconfirm my ticket.

    Does anyone know a solution to this?

  42. Martin, this is not an official China Eastern Airlines website, so take my advise just as it is, and try to confirm with them finally. I don’t think you need to reconfirm your flight though.

  43. @JSW: Yes, I know it is not an official web-site. I was just seeing if “the wisdom of crowds” could give me any advice ;)

    I found that if I tried repeatedly with Skype, sometimes, I could get thru to +86 21 95808 (othertimes it said the number was invalid). I guess it depends how the call got routed any particular time–it is worth calling multiple times.

    China Eastern are pretty vague about if you need to reconfirm or not. I believe it is safer to reconfirm with China Eastern. When I called to reconfirm, since I had paper tickets, they said that they could only reconfirm if I gave them the ticket numbers — this is pretty inflexible, I think. With e-tickets, I believe you need to know the passport number or whatever you use as ID with the e-ticket.

    When I actually reached Heathrow Airport, I found that the flight had been delayed to the next morning (about 12 hours). So China Eastern arranged for us stay in a hotel nearby in Slough. Hotel staff said that it was the first time that China Eastern had had to have people stay, so I guess it is rare for a flight to be delayed that much (perhaps it is the security surrounding the Olympics that caused the delay).

    The next morning the flight left at 10:30 without incident.

    On arrival at Pudong airport, I found that customs now X-ray everyone’s baggage, whereas previously they seemed to be pretty much asleep and seemed to do almost nothing. We had to queue up for about 10 minutes for this. I guess this is more Olympics-related security, maybe.

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