Shanghai is Cooling Down

After so many weeks’ extremely high temperature, Shanghai finally becomes cooler. After the rain, it is only 28 degree C now. This will be a piece of great news for those who plan to travel to Shanghai.

SARS Alert

After reporting SARS case in Singapore yersterday, the Shanghai Morning Post published in the same location that WTO claim that the case in Singapore is not confirmed. However, Shanghai is so alerted that the contigency plan in both airport and travel agencies have been started to filter passengers from Singapore for SARS symptoms or warn people who planned to go to Singapore. I am satisfied with the quick response from the local tourism industries. This definitely shows that the systematic prevention measures have been established already to treat the protential SARS threat.

2 thoughts on “Shanghai is Cooling Down

  1. Hi there, I appreciate your blog. I’m preparing to relocate in China and I have a choice between Shanghai and Beijing. I’ve not been to Shanghai before, but I was terribly struck by the perpetual smog/fog in Beijing. Is it the same in Shanghai? Thank you!

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