Shanghai Hotel Guide – Part II

My friend E took me to some very good hotels in Shanghai. They are not as significant as International Hotel Big Names like Hilton, Marriot, but they are so unique in Shanghai and represent part of the history of the city. I’d to continue my Shanghai Hotel Guide and write the second part – the historical hotels in Shanghai.

It is a pity that the Sony P8 I took with me ran out of battery at the time when I want to take pictures of the hotels, otherwise, I can record the most beautiful scene of them.

Xing Guo Hotel – Radisson Plaza

Just as the State Guest Hotel in Hongqiao, it was the national guest hotel, which was designed to host national level guest. There is very large grass before the nice buildings. See a picture of the old house here

Jin Jiang Hotel

There is a Jin Jiang Tower. It is one of the tallest building in Puxi.


Credit: Cintec

I am not talking about this modern architect. The old Jin Jiang building is more delux and beautiful. I remember the interview of IBM was held three years ago which I didn’t attend.

Garden Hotel

This is the second flower ball room in the old house. There is a large tall building (the brown one on the right on the small picture above. It was built based on a very old and nice building.

20 thoughts on “Shanghai Hotel Guide – Part II

  1. For most chinese who want to visit ShangHai,Which kind of hotels u would like to recommend? After all,Most hotels u once mentioned are too high in price for average chinese!

  2. What do you think of the Yangtze Hotel on Hankou Lu?

    I am looking for a moderately priced hotel in a central area that is close to the Metro.

    Thanks for developing such a great and informative website!

    I have other questions to ask regarding my upcoming trip. What is best way to “chat” with you?

  3. Marilyn,

    For a moderate priced hotel near a metro, try Ramada Plaza on Nanjing Road. It’s close to People’s Square (line 1&2). Or try the Mason hotel on HuaHai Road (line 2).


  4. Has any of you heard about Hengsheng Peninsula Intl Hotel??? Can any one please give me some info? Is it under Peninisula Hotel chain???

  5. dear friend

    i am to attend the CITM at Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. i am told that the same is not in proper shanghai. i am ready to travel 45 mts by bus/train/car to reach the venue. but i would like to stay in the heart of shanghai. say, near nanjing road etc. where i can experience the action and night life of shanghai. can u suggest a hotel within 75US$ per night for twin bed?

    thanks in advance


  6. Good Morning to all

    I need help please i have family traveling on Sunday from South Africa to Shanghai. Being Muslims I was wondering if anyone could help with a list of Muslim Halaal Restaurants in Shanghai. I am finding some of the websites difficult to read because they are not in english.


    Your help will be much appreciated.

    Kind Regards


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  8. Howdy! enjoyed reading ur info! it really useful! so glad that came across this blog!

    Going to Shanghai beginning of next mth, had booked the Shen garden hotel online few day ago.. appreciate if u can advise me where is 567 South Xizang Road, it is near People sq?? I tried to look out from the map u provided, but don seem to find it.. morever is written in chinese!! (i mean the map) so pretty hard for me to understand, i am chinese thou.. but don understand well..

    Pls pls tell me where extactly the location for the hotel or u have beta recommendation for cheap and good hotel that is near Nanjing Road? cos i find that it is quite costly to stays in Shen Garden Hotel..

    Thanks in advance!!

  9. Shanghai hotels: Has anyone stayed at the Old House Inn, No. 16 Lane 351 Huashan Lu (down the block from the Hilton)

    It’s an old lane house – 12 rooms – bags of charm, wooden floors – wondering if it also has uncomfortable hard beds and drafts along with the apparent creaking stairs and rickety corridors.

    Or perhaps it is truly a charming and very comfortable place close to wonderful restaurants/tea/houses/shops (within walking distance) in the French Concession Would love to have feedback from someone who has stayed there.

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  11. Im also keen to know if anyone has stayed at the Old House Inn in the French Concession area – is it conveniently located, good value etc. it is recommended in the Time Out guide to Shanghai but you never know with those things.

  12. My company staff is planning a trip to China this month and asked me if the accommodation and services by Home Inns in Shanghai, Nanjing and Beijing are compatible. Can anybody give us some input.

  13. Stephen

    Why would you want to stay at Home Inns?

    If you want a Budget Chain then Jin Jiang Inns is probably a good bet or Motel 168.

    But lots of good 3 star hotels to be had for similar prices.

  14. Dennis, thank you for your info but Jin Jiang Inns and Motel 168 were fully booked, the team has left for Shanghai last week and trust they’ll find the right accommodations in China.

  15. I book a room of nanjin Home inn,but Home inn is full.

    so I book a room of nanjian goldstar hotel,price :198RMB,near the nanjin Home inn.

    (南京国仕达饭店),guanjiaqiao road 36.


  16. i am planing to visit shanghai china. so please inform any normal price range muslim hotel at near new shanghai expo international.


  17. I am planning a trip to Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Wuhan. Any good four-star hotels or five-star hotels and live above 10th floors suggested for me? Thanks!

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