SARS Update in Shanghai

I didn’t update SARS situation in Shanghai in the last week. So my readers like Tracey began to worry about the SARS sitautation. :-) Well. Let me tell you the current Shanghai in my eyes – it completely returned to normal and SARS is over.

Indicator 1: Ban to events lifted.

According to new policy of Shanghai government, starting from June 15, 2003, the ban to large scale events and activities is lifted. Organizations are free to oraganize events and activities freely.

Indicator 2: Tourism became hot again

Last Saturday, in order to warm up the hard-hit tourism market, main scenic spots in Shanghai offered free entrances or 50% off in ticket price.

On Saturday, 220,000 made their way to 33 local venues that were either open to public free of charge or selling tickets for discounts of up to 50 percent, according to the Shanghai Tourism Administrative Commission.


Indicator 3: Crowded restaurants

It is not easy to find a seat at most restaurants in busy hours again.

Indicator 4: Busy airport

I went to Pudong Airport last week and found the airport was busy – even crowded at around 6:00 PM. It is said that the flight UA857 from San Fransisco to Shanghai was fully packed with people.

Conclusion: It is safe to come to Shanghai

Although the real situation in Shanghai still needs some time to spread out and reach those who are really interested in coming to Shanghai, Shanghai actually recovered from the SARS fear and is free of the disease. Regarding the mislead of information, my previous articles may also helped to mislead people since some readers just read the article I posted one or two months ago and think it is the CURRENT situation.

13 thoughts on “SARS Update in Shanghai

  1. Dear all,

    firstly it is fine to hear that everything has began to turn back to normal in Shanghai. In 1 month I will be in Shanghai and want to have more details about the current situation of that so-called disease. Do you think that for a foreigner visiting your country still some precautions should be taken ?

    Waiting for your response.

    Many thanx…

  2. Well, Charlie, to be honest, I cannot see any addtional precaution you need to take. Of course this does not mean you don’t need to take any precaution – it is always required no matter where you go, but be assured that the required precaution level almost returned to the normal status.

  3. JSW,

    Have they lifted the temperature taking twice a day? Are the restaurant employees still wearing masks? I will be back in less than two weeks. Looking forward to normal Shanghai.

  4. I didn’t hear any update on the temperature taking. It may mean that the old rule is still effective. But don’t worry. The temperature taking is very quick – just use the infra-red meter to point to your head and it is done in 2 seconds.

    Restaurant employees are still wearing masks, but people in the city don’t wear masks now. I didn’t see a single person wearing mask on metro or street recently.

  5. JSW,

    Hey Jianshuo! I am in shanghai and happy to confirm also Sars is over. Everyplace is full with people and the only masks I saw was at a few restaurants. There is no tempaturature taking its back to normal.

    The humidity is an adjustment as I reside in arizona which is very dry. Mao Ming Lu is very active and I was at New Hong Kong Plaza at Luna and there was so many people it also looks like all the foreigners have returned.

    Thanks for all your efforts here its good to be back in Shanghai!


  6. Yes. There are some rumors that SARS will be back. Personally, I think it is true since hot whether kills virus. I also think if SARS come back, the situation will not be as bad as this April and May, since people are experienced.

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