Cycling to Sheshan

After cycling to Chongming (186km) and Pudong Airport (30km), Wendy and I cycled to Sheshan together today.

Wendy bought a new bicycle so we have two now. Hers is very cool with good color and 5 speeds.


After four hours – God. How can it be possible for us to use as long as four hours to arrive in Sheshan? I made the mistake to take the route of G318 since I didn’t bring a map with us. This may cost us additional 16 km – almost double the distance. When we returned, we only used 2 hours.



There is a nice lake before the Sheshan. It has a beautiful name too – Yue Hu or the Lake Moon.


See the church on the top of the mountain?



P.S. Bus #92 broke down

I saw bus No. 92 broken down and all passengers got off and push the bus to the side of the road at the Cao Bao Road, when I returned. It was really funny.


8 thoughts on “Cycling to Sheshan

  1. I know you haven’t talked about the Sars situation, but I was wondering that I am coming in 2 weeks, do you think it would be okay


  2. It seems that you are becoming a bike traveller now! I like it too, and it could be more enjoyable to ride a bike than by bus because one can have more choice to stop a while to see the beautiful landscape.

  3. We juat found your site while surfing the web and love it. Thank you for this wonderful site and to see day to day life in China and pictures of people living day to day is wonderful and please more pictures and thank you .

  4. Hi,

    Do you happen to have a detailed map from Shanghai to Sheshan?

    I just heard that it is possible to go there by bike through some plantation fields, in this way avoiding the roads, is it really possible?



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