Shanghai Says Goodbye to Masks

It is fantastic night. I walked along the Huaihai Road and the Maoming Road in Shanghai. The Jazz music came out of the pubs and the crowded people in the bars were dancing and singing. It is exactly what Shanghai looks like in summer!

In the metro train and on the street, I never see anybody wearing masks now. People are happy and relaxed. It is an enjoyable night. The only exception is the servers at some fast food restaurants like KFC…. Maybe masks will remain required for the dining industry for a long time no matter there is SARS or not.


As I am fan of cycling now, I bought a new Cateye Velo 8 cyclometer at price of 120 RMB ($14). I will install it on my GIANT right now.



Current speed

Elapsed time

Trip distance

Average speed

Maximum speed

Calorie consumption

Total distance

12/24 hr clock

Auto start/stop

Auto power saving

5 thoughts on “Shanghai Says Goodbye to Masks

  1. What a relief to see so few masks anymore. It was a pretty unattractive spectacle on Shanghai’s streets. Still, like you I notice a lot of hospitality staff donning the useless (effective for only 20 minute) surgical masks.

  2. TO MALE FANS OF CYCLING AND VIAGRA ADDICTS: Watch that bike seat, it works like carpal syndrome of the sex organs! Needs to be more ergonomic, contoured to fit our balls or better, not touch them and the crotch underneath next to them! Men have been known to become impotent earlier than norm from the hours of sitting in that bike seat. Arteries and veins are severed over time, thus interfering with circulation that us guys need for erections! Just letting you know and beware. Don’t SIT! or somehow perhaps create two seats for each bun and a good space in between. Happy balls! Maybe someone could make a fortune designing the perfect bike seat?

    Kal (still potent and going strong at 54)

  3. Day for day I surf around in net to meet interesting people and international places. It’s great to see that it really works.

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