My New Camera – Sony DSC-P8

My digital camera

You know what, finally, I bought Sony DSC-P8 today. I am choosing between Sony P8 and Nikon E4300. Thanks for Christina from Chinese tea and Li Jinyi to give me the suggestions. I feel a little bit embrassed that although Li is suggesting that Sony is so-so, I still paid for it and get one.

Nikon is good, expect the Purple Fringing

I like Nikon since it sounds more professional – actually it is profession in terms of image quality and the lens. But it is completely unacceptable for the Purple Fringing. Check the photos on I found the same thing in many Nikon 885 photos on many other sites.

I am excited to have Sony DSC-P8

I proudly announce that I have digital camera now and I can add more pictures of Shanghai into this blog. My plan includes a series of photo for Starbucks – according to Luo, there are 26 Starbucks in Shanghai.

Many other friends also suggested me to take something and put it online, for example, the new Suzhou rivier, the new Lupu bridge… a lot of pictures. Now I can show more rich and informative Shanghai guide soon.

My new digital camera – Sony DSC-P8.

Annie in Pudong airport

Nice to hear from Annie. She is at the Pudong airport and she is able to access this webpage! Isn’t great. Read her comment and check out how she did it.

Note that there is a new Internet Cafe near the Gate 20 of Pudong airport with 6 clean computers.

Update: October 07, 2005

After two years, I still enjoy Sony P8 and took thousands of pictures and post it onto this site. It is a very cute camera. The best part is, it does not require any driver to transfer photos to a computer.

Check out Sony DSC

15 thoughts on “My New Camera – Sony DSC-P8

  1. I am so embarassed. If i knew you were going to post it up like this, i would have written better. shucks…

    Anyway, i am in Hong Kong!!! They didn’t check my temperature again on the plane (like they did when i arrived in Shanghai).

    i miss shanghai already~~!!!

  2. Annie, if you don’t feel perfect, I have removed the quote and put the link there. Please let me know if you feel better with this. :-) Have good rest and let us know how you feel in Hongkong.

  3. jianshuo,

    wow, thanks. you are so considerate!!! hehehe.. i didn’t mean for you to go to so much trouble..

    i am a shy girl. ;-) hehehehehe… (gulp).

    next time, i will try to write a bit better. this is a public board after all!! ha ha ha!!!

  4. Wow.. that’s a nice camera. I’ve been wanting to get a digital camera for a long time. I’m thinking about possibly getting the Canon Powershot S400 one of these days.. dreaming, dreaming, dreaming… :)

  5. Hi Wangjian,

    That’s a great camera. It’s too bad Canon’s aren’t that well received in Shanghai. I have a Canon S30 and I’ve found that it’s a very good camera in terms of features and price, but when I came to Shanghai earlier this year, people were saying Canon only made printers. I like Sony’s but they are a bit too pricey for me plus you have to buy proprietary Sony memory gear. Anyways, here’s to hoping you take many great pictures in the coming months.


  6. Hello Jian Shuo,

    For many days now I have been reading your blog and sharing it with my friends. It’s very interesting to read.

    Congratulations on your new camera!! I have a Nikon 880 and like it very much. Mostly I just put it on “Automatic” and let the camera do the rest!

    Question: Do people coming from Beijing still have to go into quarantine in Shanghai for two weeks?

  7. Haha,

    It IS a nice toy.

    I am sorry that I dismissed Sony just before you are going to buy one. Maybe Sony is just not my choice. ;) Now it’s my turn to feel a little embrassing. Anyway, as long as it makes good pictures for you, that’s all.

    Looking forward to your pictures then.

    Good luck.

  8. It’s my first comment in your blog,I found that you are a photograph fan.Fortunately,me too.

    I ownded a DC which is made by HP.I will be very happy that we can make chat.:)

    my msn is

  9. hello to Shanghai,

    I found this informations about photography just now. As I will be in Your nice city next weekend, I would like to know, if there is a chance to buy the international version of the new SONY DSC-V1. What will be the approximate price and where is a shop ? Coming from Germany I will only stay just 2 nights there for business.

    Thanks for a reply to my emailaddress. (

    Nice weekend to everybody in Shanghai,

    Sincerely – Eagle

  10. Nihao,

    i am new to shanghai. Just came last week for a business visit and planning to stay long.Can you folks give me the address of a SONY authorized shop.

    I am intrested to buy a P150 digicam.

    Thanks in advance

  11. There are basically two great places to go. One is at Xujiahui, at the No 10 Exit of Metro Station. There are pacific store and BuyNow there. The other is at Huai Hai Road and Huang Pi Road

  12. i want to know if i can shop at this sit .as i am in USA buy i want to ship it to my sister shop. so that things will be ship to my sister address,i mean my postal address?all i want to is to buy Sony DSC-P8 and ps3 into my sister shop.i want to order if you can help me to ship it the the address.



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