Good Feedbacks for this Site

I am so impressed by the good words I received in the last two weeks. I am very happy to see these feedback and I’d like to thank you for your encouragement.

I didn’t confirm with each of you who sent the letter to me. I assume you should be OK as long as I don’t put your full name or email address. :-) Do let me know if you don’t like me to share it here. Thanks.

I was in Shanghai last month for my brother’s wedding. It is a very

beautilful city. It reminded me of Paris or New York. We had a wonderful


Thank you for researching and posting the information about golarger and how

to stop them from getting through to my computer. I was very irritated to

get the unwelcome pop up messages from them. I appreciate the work you did

to stop them.

— Becky

I learned a lot from your web site: the nearby hotel, which taxi to take etc. The information I found on your web site will help me w/ my trip to Shanghai/Huangshan.

You did a great job! Thank you so much.

— Yiwen

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