Drawing of Street Views in Italy

I posted some drawings of churches before. Here is another series of street views.

This is a street view of Cannes, France. The only drawing in France.

Below: The mall near the Milano Duomo. There are many luxury stores there.

The square of Venezia – the building of a hotel.

This is the San Macro Plaza in Venezia. The tower is the symbolic sign of the city.

The San Macro Plaza – the most magnificent square in Europe.

Obviously, the drawing is in very simple form, and I didn’t spend enough time to really draw the scene. We were always on the go, and time was so limited.

THese are the river view of Firenze and Venezia.

3 thoughts on “Drawing of Street Views in Italy

  1. I love seeing your drawings and sketches, Jian Shuo. Since I have been to a few of these places, I can appreciate how long it must have taken you to capture so much detail. That shopping mall near Il Duomo in Milan, for example. You did a really good job with it — everything except the constantly busy passing of pedestrians! :-) I’m really impressed that you were able to stand in one place long enough to include so many details without being knocked over! :-)

  2. Hi Carroll,

    Thanks. It is just a hobby I developed in the recent years. Inspired by Art of Travel, if you don’t draw it, actually you are not seeing it, at least not seeing it closely. It turned out that people pay a lot of respect to people who appears to be an artist. I was not knocked over because people just get around me, and some look at what I drew curiously. :-)

  3. I remember when you first started doing this a few years ago. How neat that you have stuck with it, and how neat also that you are accorded respect when you are pursuing this hobby. Your work seems extremely “respectable” to me (I have a feeling that if I stood on the street with a sketch pad and someone peeked over my shoulder to see what I was accomplishing, there would be a great deal of laughter) and I agree that it’s a great way to produce an extra-special record of your travels. Photographs are wonderful, but they do not take as long as a sketch, so I think the memory you are recording on paper is even more lasting.

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