Thinking about Switching to WordPress

I am a one with emotions. I have been using MovableType for almost 10 years – daily. There are many great memories with MovableType. I know their founders (well, met briefly during my first Silicon Valley trip), and I know many of their people (well, early employees, not sure if they are still there). They even hosted a 6 year blogging anniversary for me in their office. I am using MovableType daily for so long. To be short, I loved MovableType, and the team.

However, recently I really got pissed off by the slowness of MovableType and its almost stopping on development. There are still bug fixes, but it is not interesting. In a Saturday morning, I started to think, shall I still stay on MovableType?

My whole 10 years of daily blogging started with a post named: MovableType Successfully Installed on Windows XP. I didn’t expect the 10 year journey started there. Today, I had the idea to install WordPress, and give it a try (with a little bit sense of guilty deep in my heart). It turned out that the installation went well, and it did complete in 5 minutes.

I am going to test run on this blog for a while, and decide whether I want to migrate the site to WordPress. That may be another journey. I’d like to take the chance to thank MovableType team, for allowing me to use the software for so long and to spend thousands of hours on it, to create something I am proud of after many years.

P.S. This post was posted on WordPress first, and copied here.

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