Pudong IKEA is 500 Calorie Away

I just got Nike+ and started to test run with my iPhone. The first experiment is to understand how much calorie a typical running route cost. So I picked southbound of my home.

It turned out that the Pudong IKEA store is exactly 500 calories away from my home. That means, if I want to increase 33% calorie burn, or get rid of what I got from a dinner, I should just decide to visit IKEA.

A Joke

I finally understood why a typical dinner in Shanghai cost 20 RMB and a taxi ride for 6 km also cost 20 RMB – because it takes 20 RMB worth of calorie to walk over 6 km, or you can choose to take taxi – the cost and the result are the same.

I also understand why IKEA sells ice-cream at as low as 1 RMB – because it takes 90 calories to walk through the IKEA store, and that is basically what the ice-cream compensate for – 90 cal for a typical ice-cream.

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