Bye Bye Big Apple

Wendy and I am at JFK airport, wrapping up the four day trip in NYC, the big apple. When we said bye to our friend Sam, where we stayed with during this trip, the two small worms of this big apple is leaving. Yes. I did feel the reason why people call the city big apple – in the city, there are basically hard to see the sky (especially in mid-town), and we are just here wandering from street to street, and drink, and eat in the shops, and rest in a small apartment in the big city – just like worms. The city is so sweet, delicious, and attractive, to the small worms in it. Now, the two worms are leaving the Big Apple.

When I am wrapping up with my New York trip, I have mixed feeling. On one hand, New York is not the city for me. One the other hand, it is so energetic, so colorful, and has so many to offer, that I miss it immediately when I am ready to leave.

Thanks Sam for hosting us, Seamon for hosting us and arranged the two great dinner so I can meet many new friends in New York (from the financial world). Thanks Jon for organizing the other dinner, and people who came to my blog meetup.


  1. Thank you and have a good time for your next stop.

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