New York is not the City For Me

New York is a financial center. It is a paradise for finance industry, artist,, fashion designers, and many other people, but may not be the best place for Internet startups (so far, I only know,, Most of the people I met so far are in financial industry – hedge funds, trading desk, PE, leverage financing… The terms I don’t understand. Time is New York is not be happiest time in my life so far, although the view is amazing. From personality type, I just feel I belongs to the places like bay area better, than NYC.

2 thoughts on “New York is not the City For Me

  1. Hello Jianshuo,

    I insisted on reading your blog for so long time,you are like my old friend, i always know where you are and what are you doing, just you don’t know me.Welcome back Shanghai :-)

  2. I’m kind of with you here Jian Shuo. I touched down in late 1998. JFK airport was a little scary – the kind of sub-par airport that only Paris Charles de Gaulle can replicate. The terminal cluster didn’t make too much sense.

    I didn’t go on the New York Subway… it can at times, as I’ve seen on Wikipedia, get a little scary… the Shanghai one is “big enough” and the one in Beijing (and even Nanjing during morning rush hour!) can get full of people. I’m not forgetting when I got on a Line 8 train at Dashijie. People were packed in front of the door and I had to force myself into the thing…

    Some say NYC is the US variant of Shanghai –¬†supposedly “mean” people full of money. I’m not going to fully agree with this… I don’t really see an equivalent of Pudong in the Big Apple. Manhattan is 1,000% Puxi, that’s a given…

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