Baixing is Moving to New Office

From Monday, majority of the company will move into a new office on the second floor of the building we are in – the Haoran High Tech Building inside the Shanghai Jiaotong University Xuhui Campus. It has been 4 and half years since we moved into the building’s 18th floor.

The new office is much bigger, more beautiful, and more energetic. Thanks to Hua and Jia and many people to make it happen. Here are some photos of the finished area. The other half is under reservation, and will be ready in few months.

Here is the overview of the office, with few lines of long tables. We love long tables, since we are able to share the same space with more people and people get closer. We love intimacy. We enjoy being close to each other. We would rather leave another big area wide open, and we want to get squeezed together. Being close means you are able to over-hear more conversation than far way from each other. Being close means you feel you are working in a team. Being close means you are able to form small groups of task-force easier.

The view outside the window. There are many big trees, and there are one of the biggest mall in downtown Shanghai. You may not know it. This is the first university in China, and the core part of the university – just like Harvard Square to Harvard. The building with red roof was built in the year of 1898 – the Middle House. The library and the surrounding areas were built in 1910s, exactly 100 years ago. I enjoy being intimate with history. Many important events in the recent China history happened exactly in the mall outside the window.

The new phone system.

For my new and old friends, you are invited to visit our new offices. Shall we have a community center open to our users?

10 thoughts on “Baixing is Moving to New Office

  1. 电话和我们公司一模一样。VOIP的电话,不过这电话有点二,通话中如有新通话进来,新童话不提示占线,一直是无人接听状态

  2. Beautiful! And I love that you have placed plants on so many of the tables. Even small ones like that really help to bring the freshness of outdoors inside :-)

  3. Mr. Wang,

    A community space would be great. Or a part of the space open to events for the interaction design, user experience or other tech interest groups would be amazing. I haven’t heard of too many places where members of similar disciplines can meet and trade insight or critique work and new trends. Most seem to be expensive conferences. I helped produce a lot of small tech based community events in New York and would love to do the same in Shanghai. Congrats on moving to the new office!


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